WeWay, a Breakthrough Crypto Social Media Platform, Joins Tech Incubator BlueZilla While Successfully Raising $3 Million from Investors and $800,000 through its IDO


The platform has grown significantly over the past few months, launching its own token, $WWY, on major exchanges and expanding its value proposition with metaverse solutions. This allowed WeWay to quickly attract funding: both from investors ($3 million) and through its IDO ($800,000).

WeWay’s strategic advisors include Yoola and Velas. Yoola is an international media network that helps bloggers grow online and offline. The US-based company is among the 5 largest international networks in the world and is a market leader in Russian video blogging. As a distribution platform, Yoola focuses on the globalization of content. It partners with creators to expand their global reach and enter emerging markets.

Velas, on the other hand, is a technology company based in Switzerland. It is led by a diverse team of results-oriented engineers, cryptographers, researchers, mathematicians and business leaders. Velas is the fastest EVM/eBPF hybrid chain mechanism blockchain. It enables the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts on its mainnet, which enables transaction scalability, being able to validate up to 50,000+ transactions per second.

Fundraising for WeWay was carried out at breakneck speed, with investors rushing to participate in the project. WeWay successfully secured $3 million in investment funding. Moreover, thanks to the initial offering of Dex (IDO), he managed to reach $800,000 in a very short time. The intense interest in WeWay makes sense given that the global forecast for the value of the global blockchain market is expected to reach nearly $40 billion by 2025.

WeWay’s expansion is in full swing after successfully attracting funding from private investors and through its own tokenomics efforts with the launch of its $WWY token. From a private point of view, WeWay has attracted the attention of a powerful technology incubator BlueZillawhich has previously endorsed record projects such as BSCPad, Tronpad, ETHPad, KCCPad, NFTLaunch, ADAPad, VelasPad, and GameZone.

BlueZilla specializes in helping projects along their journey; idea incubation, marketing preparation and launch. However, they just don’t work with everyone. Most likely, what attracted the incubator in the first place was the innovative nature of WeWay and its clear value proposition.

On the other hand, the recent success of WeWay has also allowed it to launch its token, $WWY, on the most popular DEX exchanges: PancakeSwap, WagyuSwap, UniSwap, etc. It went public on January 11, with a first circulated supply of WWY$16,000,000. So far, the token has raised $800,000 from more than 6.7,000 users who believed in the project.

Speaking of this success, WeWay CEO and co-founder Fuad Fatullaev noted:

“The content creator economy is growing and, more importantly, changing. What worked two years ago is not what creators and fans are looking for in this new ecosystem. Social interactivity, engagement and technology solutions are hot trends that need to be listened to and acted on, and our recent funding rounds have proven that our proposition is solid. We are building WeWay as an all-inclusive platform where all creators and fans come first.”

The value proposition of the platform is simple. In an increasingly digitized world, all experiences are moving online; They are linked. The interactions fans have with their idols are no exception. To date, more than 150 top influencers from around the world have joined the project. WeWay can be called a top destination for influencers.

That’s not all, however. The platform creates a Metaverse Space – the WeWay City, which aims to be filled with “content and experiences” created by its users, individuals and organizations. The WeWay City will be like a digital twin of our already busy social media lives. As the company envisions, in WeWay City:

“…creators will promote their ideas to critics, investors and producers anywhere: at an event, in a gallery, during a stream. The Metaverse will open new networking opportunities for all parties. Young talent will know where to look for support and experienced agents will know where to look for young talent.

They’re right. At the moment, especially in the age of COVID-19, networking opportunities are limited. The opportunity for young artists to show off their skills in the Metaverse is the right step forward. Through NFTs, artists will also be able to monetize their content in ways that were not previously available to them.

“NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, can be used as a democratic way to monetize content. Thanks to the security and transparency of NFT and blockchain technology, it has become incredibly popular with collectors and investors over the past year. Many celebrities have already created their own NFTs, selling them for millions of dollars and we want to bring that kind of ownership and potential to WeWay,” says Bohdan Prylepa, СТО, and co-founder of WeWay.

WeWay’s success can be a lesson in perseverance and innovative approach for crypto businesses. Find a solution to an existing problem and sell it well. WeWay is at the forefront of Metaverse-based solutions for fan experiences worldwide. This is just the beginning – the concept of the metaverse was only recently put forward by Mark Zuckerberg, after all!

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