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LUCKNOW: Initially, the proceedings of UP Vidhan Sabha are expected to be broadcast live on various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook.
Thanks to the e-Vidhan system, the transition will come into effect on May 23 when the Assembly convenes its budget session – the first time since the BJP returned to power for the second consecutive term in March. MPs and ministers from the UP will familiarize themselves with the new system on May 21 and 22.
Speaker Satish Mahana said the e-Vidhan system would allow people to check the performance of their MPs in the assembly. “Our aim is to bring transparency and efficiency,” he said, after chairing a multi-party meeting at the Vidhan Sabha on Wednesday.
This development comes more than a year after Yogi Adityanath’s government in his first term made state cabinet meetings paperless. The UP budget was also dematerialized a few days later.
The e-Vidhan system has already been implemented in Kerala and Himachal Pradesh.
Mahana said the e-Vidhan system would enable the UP Vidhan Sabha to connect with other state assemblies. This will be part of Digital India’s national e-Vidhan (NeVA) application, which has been conceptualized by the Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
The seat of each deputy will be decided in advance at the assembly and ministers and legislators will only be able to participate in the debates by logging in from the tablet installed on their seat.
It is also proposed to increase the number of seats in the assembly from 379 to 403, which is the full membership of the Vidhan Sabha. This means that it is proposed to install 24 additional seats, basically for ministers who are otherwise part of the Vidhan Parishad.
Members will also have a touch screen on their desk that will allow them to access various documents including bills, budget and issues raised by members, as well as responses received from the Treasury Banks.
The Vidhan Sabha secretariat is also setting up a video conferencing studio through which MPs and officials can interact with their counterparts in other states.
Officials said the e-Vidhan system will be implemented in two phases. In phase 1, the focus will be on the digital legislature, the provision of all questions, opinions and reports, the bill management system, webcasting and a portal for members. The second phase will focus on digital archives, library automation and electronic constituency.
Notification for published budget session
The UP VIdhan Sabha on Wednesday issued the notification to convene the budget session on May 23. This will be the first session of the 18th Legislative Assembly since the BJP returned to power. On the first day, a meeting of members of both chambers will be held, which will be addressed by Governor Anandiben Patel. Prior to this, MPs will receive training on the e-Vidhan system on May 21-22.

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