Twitter is about to launch its new “Pin Reply” option


Have you ever received a reply to one of your tweets from a celebrity? Or maybe there’s a great answer you really want more people to see.

Soon you will be able to present these best answers with a new ‘Pin the “Reply” option currently being tested at tweet headquarters, which, based on the latest discovery by a reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong looks close to a real version.

As you can see here, Wong discovered a new intro screen for pinning a reply to a tweet, which explains the basics of the process.

Wong also discovered the initial option test in Mayby posting these response pinning examples in action.

Twitter pin reply

According to these sample screens, with tweet reply pinning, you’ll be able to tap the three-dot menu on a reply and then keep that reply at the top of the thread, maximizing exposure for that specific interaction.

Which, as noted, could be good for highlighting celebrity engagement or helping highlight the best replies to your tweets. It can also be a way for brands to help build community engagement, inviting the most creative responses and then pinning the best response.

But really, the main impetus here is to add another element of control to your tweeting experience. Twitter has added a range of tools on this front over the past year, from community response checks to deleting a conversation on a tweet. Twitter is working to give users even more ability to manage exactly how they engage and interact within the app, with pinned replies adding another small improvement in that context.

Will this be a big change? No, it’s not a “game changer” in any way. But that will be another element to experiment with, and there could be different ways to use the option in your tweeting process.

And it looks like it’s coming soon – we’ll keep you posted on any progress.

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