TOKHIT Launches NFT-Powered Social Media and Gaming Platform


Previously viewed only as a hype machine, NFTs continue to gain widespread adoption, offering a potentially new future for social media as we know it. BeautyMatter presented them as an impeccable marketing tool for large conglomerates such as LVMH and independent brands. Meanwhile, platforms such as TikTok testify not only to the latest beauty trends, but also to emerging subcultures among consumer audiences.

Now, in a marriage of the social media and gaming worlds, TOKHIT is creating a blockchain-powered platform worth an estimated $155 million according to Venture Capital, with 5-7 million users expected over the course of first year alone.

Founders Cristian Voaideș and Andrei Ureche have created an ad-free app where created content can be automatically converted into NFT, the TOKHIT-designated HITT cryptocurrency powering all NFT transactions and access to premium content. Content creators are rewarded with so-called Diamond Coins for their activity on the platform, which they can convert into physical cash, with AI objectively assessing the value of their content based on user interactions.

Audio communication, which has made clubs like Clubhouse such an overnight success due to their authentic and immediate nature, presents the primary method of interaction on TOKHIT. There will also be an interactive game where users can distribute AirHugs, or digital hugs, to others on the app.

“We are going to offer, through this platform, an algorithm that does not impose limits, in a social network without advertising. We are democratizing access to resources, we are giving power back to users”, comments Ureche. “TOKHIT will be a shift in perspective for both content creators and brands, who will have the opportunity to engage with their audience in more creative ways than ever before. Those who want to get in on the action early can already buy HITT tokens on the company’s website.

With the promise of an online space that prioritizes individual authority over product campaigns, TOKHIT has the potential to provide a lucrative and welcoming space for its users. While it remains to be seen whether this power can drive millions of users away from Twitch, TikTok and Instagram, its cryptocurrency-fueled base gives it a competitive edge going forward.

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