This low cost transparent mask keeps you safe without sacrificing social interaction


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We’ve missed a lot over the past year, from international vacations and crowded sporting events to family celebrations and full classrooms. Much more basic, but certainly still vitally important, we also missed some typical personal interactions, including the simple exchange of smiles, while wearing face masks.

While many Americans regularly resurface after an era of large-scale mandatory mask wear, many will still use this method of protection for the foreseeable future. If this group includes you or a loved one, the Jelli M1 Transparent Face Mask is an option to explore.

Funded by Kickstarter, these fashionable and functional transparent masks allow users to show their emotions while covering their nose and mouth. You will be amazed at the positive impact this change can have on interpersonal communication, and it is currently offered at a reduced price.

For a limited time, the Jelli M1 Clear Face Mask is available here for only $ 32.95 (reg. $ 40). Available in black, white or rose gold, this device provides a simple solution for those who are ready to reintegrate into social life without putting their safety at risk.

Rated 9.2 stars (out of 10) on TheGadgetFlow, these masks are made from food grade polycarbonate and feature a high gloss finish. The experience is facilitated by an anti-fog surface and a silicone rubber support at the nose.

Meanwhile, vents on the cheeks and under the chin prevent a direct path in and out of your nose and mouth, while still allowing any conversation to unfold. An adjustable strap allows users to identify their ideal fit.

Keep moving forward while preserving your health with the help of the Jelli M1 Clear Face Mask for only $ 32.95 (reg. $ 40).

Prices subject to change.

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