The sisters make the move a social media experiment


CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Work-from-home jobs are giving people a chance to rethink where they should call “home.” Two sisters chose to give up their lives in Chicago for a months-long road trip, and they used TikTok to take other wanderlust along.

Mikayla and Alyssa Marchuk attracted 55,000 people by choosing eight cities to live in for a month each.

“When do you get this opportunity? I have a remote job, I really don’t have anything that ties me to Chicago anymore,” Mikayla Marchuk said.

They’ve booked Airbnbs in Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Scottsdale, AZ. They found housing for a cost similar to what they would have paid in rent if they had stayed in Chicago.

The Marchuks have created a scoreboard with 30 categories to help compare and quantify the best parts of each city.

“We each assigned different weights to the scores based on how important something was to us,” Mikayla Marchuk said. “I personally have celiac disease, so I have to strictly follow a gluten-free diet. So that was one of my big things, the availability of gluten-free restaurants and grocery stores. ‘there are only three options to eat, it gets old.

The sisters used to live together, but they decided that they would each settle where each thought would be best for them. Another factor was the friends they made and met along the way.

“I was able to reconnect with one of my childhood neighbors when we were in Austin and I haven’t seen her since we were 15,” Marchuk said.

Mikayla’s social media page grew each time they stopped in a new city. Alyssa said followers quickly started recognizing them.

“The very first night we went out, we went to the Charlotte Beer Garden. We were walking up to the roof and all of a sudden we heard this girl screaming. We look around, ‘what’s going on?’ She fell off her bench at the table, ran over to my sister and hugged her and we were like ‘who is that girl?’ everyone on the whole roof was watching us. She was like ‘I know you from TikTok!’ and we’re like ‘oh my God!’ “, Did she say.

Each video garnered hundreds of likes and interactions. Some suggested restaurants or experiences to try, others shared their judgment.

“We tried to clarify and respond with grace,” Mikayla said.

“I think they didn’t see the boring part of our travels, which was working all day, a full-time job,” Alyssa said.

After touring all eight cities, Alyssa settled in Charlotte.

“Charlotte was the ultimate winner on my dashboard and in my heart,” she said.

She enjoys living in the South End at the moment and believes the Queen City area offers opportunities to put down deeper roots.

“Finally, I want to buy a house. I want to have a property, my own house and land,” Alyssa said. “I also really like the suburb of Charlotte.”

Mikayla also decided to move to Charlotte a few weeks later.

“We were evaluating things separately, but I think growing up together we had the same things that we liked in certain cities,” Alyssa said.

Mikayla says she can’t wait to get to know the community that captured her heart during her short stay.

“It’s hard when you move to a new city to feel comfortable and feel like it’s my home, not like I moved from that place and I’m still settling in “, she said. .”

The sisters encourage anyone thinking of embarking on a similar adventure to take the plunge.

“It was a wild ride, from start to finish,” Alyssa said. “I never expected all the fun we had, all the friends we had seeing all the experiences we got to have.”

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