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Which team has the biggest fanbase on social media?

Bombay Indians. (Photo credit: IPL/BCCI)

The Indian Premier League was inaugurated in 2008 and the success it has enjoyed over the years is enormous. Cricket can be easily divided into two phases, namely “Before IPL” and “After IPL”, because a new era of cricket was born with the IPL.

Apart from the goodwill it has generated, the IPL has also bridged the gap between the public and cricket through various fan engagement platforms and social media, and the IPL has always been complementary one of the other.

The teams’ official social media handles are closely followed by fans and also serve as a way to interact with them. This connection has brought fans closer to their teams and so the growth has been exponential. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now the most used applications and franchisees use these media to communicate better. Here is the ranking of the teams in IPL with more followers on social networks.

(Note: Subscribers updated as of March 1, 2022)

10. Gujarat Titans

The upcoming Indian Premier League seasons will be more competitive with the addition of two new teams. One of these new franchises is CVC Capital’s Gujarat Titans. Ownership of the Ahmedabad-based franchise was acquired for INR 5,625 crore.

The franchise had an opportunity to sign three players ahead of the auction and the Titans drafted Hardik Pandya, Shubman Gill and Rashid Khan in their team. The versatile explosive Hardik will captain the team and will be coached by former Indian bowler Ashish Nehra. The team made a good bid and chose the players based on their strategies.

Now, when we look at the franchise’s virtual follow-up, the newly opened GT Grips have 50,000 Facebook followers, 254,000 Instagram followers, and 87.3,000 Twitter followers. It is obvious that a new franchise is the last in this list, but in a short time, the franchise has done well to attract 391.3000 subscribers in total.

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