The Hundred: Players and staff urged to minimize social interactions to curb the spread of COVID-19


Players and staff involved in the inaugural edition of the Cent have been urged to avoid shops, pubs and restaurants during the competition as organizers seek to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A COVID compliance officer has also been appointed for each team to reduce the risk of entire teams being forced to self-isolate, which would leave hundreds of matches in viability in doubt, according to a report by ESPNCricinfo.

The UK government is expected to ease its COVID-19 restrictions on Monday. However, the case arrangements – which require close contacts of a person who tests positive to self-isolate for 10 days – will continue until August 16.

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As a result, the players and support staff involved in the Hundred were told that they would not have to spend all nights of the month-long competition at the team’s hotels, but were instead advised to avoid areas where the risk of infection is particularly high, such as shops, restaurants and pubs, and minimize social interactions with anyone not involved in the competition, ”the report says.

Earlier this week, (England and Wales Cricket Board), ECB Managing Director Tom Harrison said a strict bio-bubble would not be imposed for the next round of India-England testing despite multiple cases of COVID -19 in both teams.

“I hope we are in a position where we can cope with protocols designed to deal with small outbreaks or be able to mitigate the impact on entire teams,” Harrison said.

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“There are risks – I can’t say they don’t exist because they exist … [but] we must learn to deal with the Covid. Mitigation is the word as opposed to prevention, ”he added.

Two positive cases, including that of star goalkeeper Rishabh Pant, were detected at the Indian camp ahead of their training match in Durham, while England had to field a full-back in the series against Pakistan after finding several cases positive in the team.

The Hundred are scheduled to start with the women’s game on July 2, followed by the men’s game a day later.

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