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MIFFLINBURG – Six students were at the Herr Library after school to attend one of the many programs offered each Monday from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Retro games, NES, Wii, Nintendo Switch, crafts, movies, quizzes and board games were some of the activities offered at the Mifflinburg Library.

“Some kids come just to play the games,” said Sheila Howarth, program coordinator for children and teens.

According to Howarth, who has worked at the library since September, the program restarted in October after being canceled due to the pandemic.

Gage Wargo, 13, said he came to the library “to have fun”. Gage, who recently celebrated his birthday, said his favorite games were Super Smash Brothers and Pokemon. He said he also recently received a new game.

Games aren’t the only reason some students come to the program at the library.

Emma Steele, 11, said she came “to meet lots of fun people, play games and hang out with Sheila”. Emma said her favorite game was Animal Crossing.

Ben Nicolo, 15, said it was his first time on the program after his father read about it. He said he appreciated his experience and, despite being 16, could continue to come.

“I don’t think a lot of people know it’s here. It’s a really cool space,” Howarth said. “I’ve never seen a problem. It’s a good place to make friends.

There are plans to add new games and some are already on order, Howarth said. Next month will feature a Pokken tournament.

Howarth said the first Monday of every month was set aside for video games, but other programming would take place. Next week will include “Anti-Valentines Day” activities. Discover Time activities are also planned for preschoolers.

Children are welcome to show up, according to Howarth, but said the library would prefer attendees to be registered for planning purposes. Pre-registration can be done through the Union County Library System website,

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