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Does the thought of having to talk to a complete stranger send butterflies straight to your stomach? Do you feel a lump developing in your throat before going to a party with a ton of people? Do you feel like everyone is judge you? Well, I can tell you with confidence that these are things that happen to me on a daily basis. You may be wondering how I deal with these troubling feelings, and the only answer I have for you is technology.

Technology allows people to escape their anxiety, giving them a sense of privacy, security and relaxation.

But while technology allows people to isolate themselves from the world around them and, in many cases, helps them relax, it can also worsen people’s social skills.

The idea of ​​duty interact with strangers and chatting causes anxiety in some people. So those with social anxiety may use headphones or cell phones as handy crutches because wearing headphones or looking at phones clearly shows that they are not ready to socialize and just want to be left alone.

But using technology as an excuse not to socialize only compounds the problem.

We all know the awkward feeling when we’re about to walk next to a group of people and want to avoid the awkward eye contact and downcast looks. Whenever I’m faced with this situation, I look down at my phone and scroll meaninglessly through it to make it look like I’m busy, when in reality, I’m doing it to avoid any interaction.

Talking to new people or even large groups of people can be extremely overwhelming because of the inner thoughts that run through our minds, making us paranoid about how we may appear to others, or because people may have fear of change and the idea of ​​being vulnerable with another.

Social anxiety is not something easily overcome; however, taking baby steps can lead to both improvement and, potentially, success.

For those who are reluctant to interact with those who are unfamiliar to them, simply starting by preparing for the social situation they will encounter will help them gain confidence in their ability to socialize.

For example, let’s say you’re planning to go to a party and you’re extremely nervous. Finding a friend and asking if you can stay by their side for the night will allow you to expose yourself to a social situation while comforting yourself that you have someone to rely on.

So the next time you’re faced with a nerve-wracking social situation, challenge your negative thoughts and worries and own up to who you are.

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