Social media influencers are a double-edged sword, experts warn


AMAN: According to experts, social media influencers can have negative impacts on the behaviors, thoughts and self-confidence of young women and girls.

Recently, the UK-based company Stylist The magazine commissioned a report which found that 33% of women continued to follow influencers on social media, even though it made them feel bad about themselves.

Abdullah Abu Adas, a psychiatry and addictions consultant, said the negative impacts of influencers can promote unhealthy habits, reduce social interaction skills and lead to mental health issues, such as body dysmorphia.

He also warned that anything featured by influencers on social media is not real. “Distinguishing between real and fake news is also an important self-protection technique,” he said. Jordan time.

He also pointed out that social media influencers can have a positive impact depending on the content they feature.

For example, influencers can be instrumental in raising environmental awareness, breaking cycles of isolation, education and much more, Abu Adas said.

Sociologist Hussein Khozahe said most of the influencers are young people and their audience is also mostly made up of people their own age.

“Influencers have great abilities in the choice and selection of words, in addition to using the art of photography and sounds to reach a greater number of followers, and follow topics of interest to society “Khozahe said. Jordan time.

Social media expert Niveen Al Sayyed said social media influencers have created “a new normal” of female consumption.

Sayyed said: “When someone spends so much time watching what other people are doing, they will be affected in some way. Some women may get frustrated because they are not able to buy what an influencer markets.”

Reema Abdo, a mother of two teenage girls, said her daughters are “obsessed” with Instagram and watching what influencers are doing and what they have to say “every day”.

“My daughters spend their allowance on skincare products, accessories, makeup, and all kinds of other things that influencers talk about,” Abdo said.

She said she struggled with her daughters over different issues due to the effects of social media. “One of my daughters stopped eating well at some point because she wanted to look skinny like the girls on Instagram,” she added. – Jordan Times, Amman/Tribune News Service

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