Social media, gaming and e-commerce apps continue to dominate Android charts


With millions of long-established apps already in existence and hundreds of thousands more created daily, Android users have plenty of options when it comes to mobile phone apps. From big brands with lots of apps to basic apps from indie developers, there’s no shortage of choice no matter what you’re trying to do. Most of the websites you visit these days have an app that makes it easy to access their services through your mobile, but what types of apps are the most popular?

Social media apps

While social media continues to dominate the internet, social media apps remain at the top of Android’s charts, where they’ve been since the inception of smartphones. These apps have gone from nice additions to our phones to essential communication tools, and their importance continues to grow as more of our interactions happen online.

Social media applications have evolved since their inception, in line with the evolution of our ways of communicating over the past 20 years. Initially, blogging apps like Tumblr were among the most popular before microblogging apps like Twitter took over. Today, as online communication moves towards short videos, Tik Tok has taken over, while Instagram continues to grow in popularity.


Mobile phone games have come an extremely long way since the days of Snake, the popular title of the late 90s and early 2000s that could be found on Nokia phones of the time. Nowadays, while simple games like Snake still exist, there are millions of exciting options with advanced mechanics and vibrant graphics.

Users can expect to find multiple games in top Android app rankings regardless of when they search. The types of games you’ll find are determined by current trends, but video games have always been there, with titles like Call of Duty and FIFA among the most popular.

Outside of video games, most of the top poker sites in the world have their own mobile apps with a selection of casino-style games, while simulation, strategy and educational games are also popular.

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E-commerce apps are the biggest threat to the dominance of gaming and social media apps, especially with events in recent years encouraging more and more of us to stay at home. Supermarket apps are among the most important, due to the convenience they provide, especially for people who find it difficult to physically travel to stores.

In recent years, messaging apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats have sprung up and quickly risen to the top of the charts, providing convenience to those in need. While users can also access these services via computers or laptops, we are increasingly getting used to scrolling through our mobile phones and tablets. It’s also why shopping services like eBay and Amazon have had great success with their apps.

What does the future hold?

These three groups look set to continue dominating the Android app charts for the foreseeable future. However, the emergence of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality has opened up the field of possibilities for mobile applications. We’ve already seen a number of apps, like Google Maps, update their software to incorporate these innovations, and we can expect new groups of apps to come to the fore as technology continues to advance. develop.

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