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The relationship between social media and teens is not always positive. According to University of Nevada, Reno, it’s clear to see why. But if used the way it was designed, teens can benefit from using social media. In fact, social media can have a positive effect on teens.

Social media can be a difficult place for teens to navigate. While some have no problem engaging with others about this, there are some very real incidents of teens feeling insignificant and of those being cyberbullied to the point where one seriously thinks. to the possibility of ending life. As such, it’s not hard to see why parents fear for their teens when they spend hours a day on different platforms unsure of what they’re going to encounter. But beyond these negative aspects that are so heavily reported, there are also benefits that flow from being social and these should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to adolescent mental health.

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Here’s how social media can have a positive impact on teens.

5 Teens can stay in touch with those far from them

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When friends walk away, it can be difficult for teens to deal with them. However, when given the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones, it can have a positive effect on their mental health.

According to Very Good Health, teens who are able to stay in touch with friends who have moved can have relationships that have brought them happiness. Knowing that friends they were close to can easily be contacted and both parties can follow each other’s lives, it means that friendships don’t have to end when long-distance moves occur. As a result, it improves the mental health of teens knowing that no matter how many miles they are, friends can stay as close as ever.

4 Give teens a place to express themselves

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Teenagers have a lot of emotions that they need to get rid of their breasts or whatever causes they believe in. And one way for them to do it in a safe way is to do it on social media.

According to, social media gives teens the opportunity to build their identity. It’s a way to express what’s important to them and find other like-minded people to share their thoughts with. Thus, adolescents widen their circle of friends. And for those who may find it difficult to express how they are feeling in person, social media allows teens to express themselves in a place where they don’t feel judged and know there are people behind their screens. to support them.

The more adolescents are able to explain their thoughts, the less pressure, anxiety and depression are reduced. And as a result, they have a positive social media experience.

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Social media is perhaps just one of the best resources teens have when it comes to emotional support. And when teens feel supported no matter what they say or do, their mental health is positively affected.

According to Online Family Safety Institute, teens can use social media to talk about their thoughts, find groups they can relate to, and even attend therapy sessions if needed. And by connecting with others instead of feeling like they’re alone with their feelings; adolescents realize that they are not the only ones in difficult situations. Having a sense of community to build on can make the difference between teens struggling with their mental health and having a healthy outlook on life.


While social media is primarily responsible for making people socially uncomfortable because they interact more virtually than in person, for those who have issues with their social skills, social media could be a saving grace. .

According to Brillia, for shy or anxious teens in social situations, connecting with others through social media allows them to have a “stress-free interaction” with their peers. It gives them time to formulate what they want to say and also allows them to choose places to participate where they know everyone is sharing the same ideas.

By participating in a conversation on social media regularly, general social skills are strengthened and less shyness and anxiety will be felt when speaking with others face to face.

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The main reason social media is positive for teens is that they enjoy being a part of it. And where there is real pleasure, there is positive mental health.

According to Mayo Clinic, teens are drawn to social media for entertainment purposes. While they can follow the lives of their friends, they can also learn about social topics or events that they would not otherwise be exposed to. It’s an escape from the everyday that everyone is looking for. This is precisely the path that adolescents have chosen to take for theirs.

Source: University of Nevada, Reno, VeryWell Health,, Family Online Safety Institute, Brillia, Mayo Clinic

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