Social media app AppZaloot outsources PR duties to GO Communications


Social media app AppZaloot has appointed GO Communications to manage public relations, digital and influencer engagements. Under the 12-month contract, the agency will facilitate all pre-launch, during and post-launch communications in all Southeast Asian markets ahead of the platform’s global expansion, activating its regional network of agencies under the GO Communications Group.

AppZaloot has been in the works for five years and will first be introduced in Malaysia ahead of its regional and global expansion. It combines social media interaction with a loyalty and rewards program, which will use blockchain and crypto technology, to benefit individual users and businesses. Additionally, the platform will also feature a friends feed, connecting users anywhere in the world without ads and with a clean user interface. Meanwhile, local businesses will be able to connect with the surrounding community, based on user interests, from shopping, dining and entertainment to accommodation and business services.

“We are really excited as we are in the final stages of building the SuperApp, which will be rolled out in stages starting at the end of this year. Malaysia will be the first market to experience the platform, and we are certainly excited to be working with GO Communications, leading to our launch, not just locally but in the region,” said Max Thomas (pictured left), Founder of AppZaloot.

He explained that the agency has a great track record of championing brands and products while developing “truly remarkable campaigns.” As such, the brand sees GO Communications as the perfect fit, not only as an agency, but also as an essential business partner when rolling out the platform. Thomas is confident that AppZaloot will benefit communities and small businesses around the world.

According to Thomas, the company is building a team of technology and business development experts in Europe and Asia to facilitate the deployment of the AppZaloot platform. When fully operational, the AppZaloot platform will include features and uses such as a location-based local feed, connecting users to current events up to 25 kilometers around them. As such, the brand said its app will offer users a great way to interact with the communities around them, true to the platform’s tagline – “in the know, wherever you go”.

Additionally, AppZaloot is committed to doing business in a different way, giving back a percentage of its revenue to communities, funding local projects, which are chosen by community members. Users are also assured that their data and privacy will be protected at all times to facilitate a safe experience.

Meanwhile, GO Communications CEO Peter de Kretser (pictured right) said: “We have no doubt that AppZaloot will be a real game-changer in the social and digital space, redefining social and community interactions . We are all GO Systems in developing a truly distinctive launch campaign here in Malaysia and South East Asia by activating our partners across the region under the GO Group.”

De Krester also thanked Thomas and his team for the honor of working with them and is confident that AppZaloot will be able to energize local communities and social space with his experience and expertise.

In addition, GO Communications solidified its management team in January 2022. Sheree Qua, who has been with the agency since its inception, serves as its Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. On the other hand, Choulyin Tan assumes the role of Director of Communications, General Manager of Customer Services. In addition, Zalfian Fuzi, who will capitalize on his marketing experience as director of communications and business development, will join the senior management of GO Communications.

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