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Social media is a part of almost everyone’s life today. This applies to both entrepreneurs and consumers. Yes, yes, there are a few resisters who shun any form of digital social interaction, but their numbers have become quite small and continue to dwindle every day. . Social media is embedded in every aspect of our lives, whether we use it to keep in touch with colleagues, read news and opinions, learn about new products, research companies, research events and even ourselves. to entertain. Here are some quick social media stats to consider:

  • There are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms (1)
  • The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month
  • The average person spends 95 minutes a day on social media (1)

Social media platforms have a lot of user information that marketers can pay to identify and reach desired audiences. In fact, 93% of marketers use Facebook, 78% use Instagram, and 50% use LinkedIn to reach new audiences (1). With all of these factors, it’s no surprise that New Jersey businesses are aggressively turning to social media advertising to find new business opportunities.

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising involves creating paid advertisements that are shown on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Why should New Jersey businesses use social ads?

  • Nearly 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased their company’s visibility, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic to their website. (2)
  • 50% of senior marketers say paid social media ads drive measurable ROI (3)
  • Lead generation ads can generate 4.3x more leads than without them (4)
  • Increase reach to potential new audiences with high engagement

Social media advertising for B2B businesses can target users based on specific New Jersey locations, interests, employment status, organizations, industries, and more. A business can also upload a list of their current partners and create “lookalike” audiences of new people who match the characteristics of their typical customer.

Choosing the Best Social Media Advertising Platforms

People tend to have multiple social media accounts because each social media platform has a unique audience and is used for different purposes. New Jersey businesses need to select social media platforms that are best aligned with their business goals and best aligned with where their target audience spends their time. Here’s how:

  • Determine their target audience and business purpose (brand loyalty, PR, lead generation, etc.)
  • Select the social media platform that matches their desired audience and has the advertising capability that will help them achieve that goal
  • Create a compelling campaign to drive results

Here’s an infographic on the breakdown of social media by demographic group and purpose:

(photo credit:

Design a compelling campaign

Several ad types are available for businesses, including single image, carousel, video, slideshow, and sponsored content formats. Each can serve a unique purpose in your social media advertising strategy. Some are best for generating leads; others are ideal for maximizing awareness. Once you’ve selected the ad type(s) that match your goals, you can start creating a compelling campaign. Here are some basic suggestions on what to include in your ad:

  • Strongly communicate your brand name
  • Have a clear, targeted message in every ad and throughout your marketing program
  • Include a strong call to action to elicit a response from NJ business decision makers
  • Work with social media advertising and business industry experts to execute

Social media advertising with NJBiz

NJBiz has a team of social media experts who can help align your business goals with the right social advertising platforms and ads. Our social media pages have many decision makers and understand where they like to spend their time and what will drive their attention and response. When you partner with us to manage your social media advertising, you can reach NJBiz followers and “lookalike” audiences through powerful social platforms that drive engagement, response, and viral content sharing.

At NJBiz, our mission is to help companies do more business and grow the industry. If you want more ideas and information on how to make social media advertising work for your business, contact one of our business marketing experts by filling out the form below.

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