Sidhu launches digital campaign: “Our social media war room is already active”


Punjabi Congressman Navjot Singh Sidhu kicked off the digital campaign on Sunday by holding a virtual press conference and announcing that the party would campaign digitally statewide.

He said that before the electoral commission issued the guidelines, the high command had already ordered the PPCC to follow the Covid protocol during the campaign.

Sidhu said with the virtual presser that he was unveiling a program of governance reforms mainly through digitization and the creation of a “digital Punjab”.

The PPCC chairman said the Congress party had previously emphasized the importance of digitization and maintaining virtual interaction with the electorate.

Affirming that the Punjab Congress has maximum engagement and outreach in the digital space in Punjab, he
said, “We are ready for an online campaign, coordinating with our workers and leaders at the district, assembly and booth levels. “Our social media war room already has over 10,000 WhatsApp groups and we are reaching people at booth level through Facebook, WhatsApp and other digital means,” he said.

Sidhu said that after a brief “deviation from the frivolous issues created by the NDA government, attention has now returned to the real issues.” Speaking about the power of digitization, he said the need of the hour is to decentralize power by empowering Panchayats and other local bodies and ensuring that their operations are digitized.

The head of the PPCC said he would hold meetings with the head of the Manifesto Committee, Partap Bajwa, to have the Punjab model incorporated into the manifesto.

He said the Punjab model is a tailor-made solution for the widespread problems in Punjab that are created after intensive research into the state and how it works. This model brings power back into the hands of the people of Punjab for their own prosperity and growth.

The real stakeholders of the Punjab model are its people and PPCC will soon pave the way for the people of the Punjab through a “WhatsApp service” to provide their contributions to the Punjab model and seek clarification.

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