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Bangalore, first published on Jan 18, 2022, 12:52 p.m. IST

After 18 years together, Tamil star Dhanush and Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth have decided to split up as a couple and start their new adventure as friends. Last night, January 17, Dhanush and Aishwaryaa took to their respective social media to share the news with their fans. Moreover, they asked their fans and everyone else to respect their decision. Soon after, Aishwaryaa’s sister Soundarya changed her Twitter DP (Display Picture) to a childhood picture with her superstar father Rajinikanth and them (Soundarya and Aishwaryaa).

Hours after the news was published, fans and social media users started tweeting at Rajinikanth to show their love and support for the actor. The news of the divorce comes two days after Rajinikanth met fans and media outside his Chennai home on the occasion of Pongal.

A few social media users shared posts featuring Rajinikanth’s interaction on Pongal last weekend. Some praised Rajinikanth for putting up a strong front as his eldest daughter and son-in-law went through a personal/family crisis.

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One fan tweeted: “And despite knowing all about Aishwarya and #Dhanush, this 71 year old came out weaving a huge smile so humbly over New Years & Pongal to meet his fans who loved him. were waiting. What man!

“Thalaiva ivalo kastam (he is in so much pain)…but you wish us pongal day…Thalaiva you are a gift to us…your love for the fans is beyond…@rajinikanth…we are always here for you…you are a great human being…husband grandpa…great grandpa…Always there for your family…good family man,” another tweeted.

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Some fans have also tweeted that Rajinikanth is staying strong in these difficult times. “It’s unexpected and shocking! The reasons for the breakup are none of our business. I wish you and @ash_r_dhanush all the best for the future! Be strong Thalaivaa @rajinikanth,” one fan tweeted.

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