Parents are bringing social interaction back to online learning

A parent group has created a Facebook group for students learning online to connect with their peers.

This year, many parents were faced with the decision to send their children back to class or have them learn at home. Although it was not an easy choice, some families knew that the risk of sending their child to school was just too high. With this adjustment came a lack of social interaction.

“We really try to have these opportunities for students to maintain these friendships and be connected to each other and engaged. I think it’s a very important part of their overall mental health, ”said Michelle Howell Smith.

Michelle and a group of parents have created a Facebook group called LNK Remote PTO, where they have multiple zoom calls each week to keep the kids connected with each other.

“They have a ‘clue club’ where they have a story and a mystery every week where they have to decode things and solve puzzles to save the princess,” said Howell Smith.

It offers several courses for all the interests of children. Even times just for students to talk about their day, an important aspect they might miss being at home.

While they can’t meet in person, it does give children a chance to escape a classroom and interact with their peers. Parents know that making these friendships is vital for the mental health of their children.

“Does it replace being in school?” Absolutely not, but it certainly helps those of us who don’t yet feel comfortable sending our kids to school to know that we have a place where they can interact and have fun, ”said Howell Smith.

If you want to join the Facebook group, all you need to do is ask to join and answer a few quick questions.

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