NIH Uses WorldViz VR For Social Interaction Research

Tracing of physical behavior in VR with Eye, body, facial tracking

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 22, 2021 / – In a recently published WorldViz webinar, Susan Persky, PhD., Of the National Institutes of Health, explains how she uses covert VR measurements to track social networks. psychological behavior.

WorldViz is pleased to announce a new webinar with Susan Persky, PhD., National Institutes of Health, in which she shared outstanding research illustrating the benefits of virtual reality in social psychology research. Susan heads the Health Communication and Behavior Unit and the NIH, and she pioneered the use of virtual reality for social psychology. His work elegantly shows how virtual reality (VR) offers a high degree of experimental control as well as strong ecological validity, an ability to manipulate any variable of interest, and an ability to trace physical and non-verbal behavior. of the user very precisely. and in an automated manner. VR improves traditional behavioral measurement techniques (e.g., observation and coding) on ​​several fronts, as data collection is covert, continuous, passive, and takes place in a controlled context.

Here, a recent publication titled “Tracing physical behavior in virtual reality: A narrative review of applications to social psychology” reviews existing methods for tracing physical behavior in virtual reality, such as gaze tracking and distance measurement. interpersonal, and describes how researchers applied these methods to understand important phenomena in the context of social psychology. To date, the main areas of application have included Social Approach and Avoidance Assessment, Social Assessment and Bias, and Engagement. The limitations of VR behavioral tracing methods, as well as future directions for their continued application and extension, are discussed.

This well-thought-out review article provides viewers with an in-depth understanding of behavioral tracing methods that can be implemented in VR, their pros and cons, insight they can offer into social processes, and future avenues. working to apply emerging technologies to research questions in the social field. psychology.

We invite you to watch the recording of the webinar or read the original article cited below.

Yaremych, HE, & Persky, S. (2019). Tracing physical behavior in virtual reality: a narrative review of applications to social psychology. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 85, 103845.

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Using covert virtual reality measurements to trace social psychological behavior: interview with Susan Persky- NIH webinar recording

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