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NEW YORK, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mixo, a new social media short video platform that aims to change the way we interact with food content, today announced its launch on the App Store . Mixo offers users a single, intuitive platform to share and discover food cultures, lifestyles and ideas through content, community and commerce. Mixo’s tools empower everyone to create engaging food-related content to spark discovery and connection to a range of international cuisines and diet programs, such as vegan, gluten-free, keto and more.

Food is a $6.2 trillion market in the United States alone and food content has seen a surge in popularity. With 290 billion views on TikTok and 483 million posts on Instagram, food content is watched more than beauty and games combined. However, there is no one place to house and find this content, and for creators it can often be difficult to cut through the noise of non-food social media posts. While half of social media users prefer video over other types of content, Mixo aims to provide a video-centric platform for all things food, providing creators with intuitive yet professional tools to create and monetize, while giving viewers a one-stop platform to discover recipes. , restaurants, nutritional advice, food trips and more. Mixo’s video editing tool is both professional-grade and easy-to-use, allowing anyone who wants to share their cooking or culinary adventures to do so.

80% of millennials enjoy cooking new regional or international dishes, with Korean cuisine being one of the most popular on social media. To reflect this growing momentum behind Korean culture, Mixo is launching its platform with Korean cuisine and will soon expand to other Asian food content. The platform is also exploring new ways for users to interact. In the near future, Mixo will modify the typical comments section to foster an accessible and positive environment. It will soon feature a Q&A experience instead, where viewers can ask creators specific questions, and an edit section, where viewers can suggest new ways to create a dish.

“Mixo is revolutionizing the world of online food, through content, community and commerce. Mixo combines my experience building gig-saving businesses at Lyft with my passion for food and culture in an app where creators are invited to share recipes or grocery shopping, discover new restaurants or learn new cooking skills,” said co-founder Shirley Romig. and CEO of Mixo. “We are honored to work with AlleyCorp to bring a purpose-built food app exclusively designed for sharing and consuming food content.”

Mixo is incubated and backed by AlleyCorp, one of the most active start-up funds in New York, as well as Kevin Ryan, the founder and CEO of AlleyCorp. Besides Mixo, AlleyCorp and Kevin Ryan also co-founded MongoDB, Business Insider, Gilt Groupe, Zola, and Nomad Health, among others.

“Mixo is the future of food content, providing verticalization in both global cuisines and diet programs, while offering a variety of exciting content – from recipes to reviews,” said Kevin Ryan, Founder and CEO of AlleyCorp. “As the first app exclusively tailored to food content, they give creators the tools to create compelling videos and share their personal relationships and culture with food, while allowing viewers to easily discover, follow, save and share. food content.”

In addition to changing the way we share and discover food content, Mixo offers creators the opportunity to turn their passion into business. The app includes built-in tools to create and edit high-quality content, find and grow an audience, and ultimately monetize culinary dreams. There’s a clear path to monetization, through direct in-app advice, subscriptions, and selling additional in-app content. Mixo aims to expand its platform to enable creators to host online cooking classes, sell cookbooks online, or receive affiliate revenue in the near future. “I believe Mixo will fundamentally change the way we interact with food content. You can just enjoy cooking videos, instead of going through the randomness of other social media platforms,” said celebrity creator Seonkyoung Longest (@seonkyounglongest) who is an adviser to Mixo.

“It can be difficult for creators, especially those with small audiences, to monetize their content – ​​and often the revenue they receive is modest,” said Shaun Seo, co-founder and chief product officer of Mixo. . “At Mixo, we want to ensure that creators are placed at the center of the app, providing tailor-made creator tools for a professional end product with just an iPhone, while simultaneously providing greater avenues for monetization.”

Mixo is a short video app available on iOS devices. In the future, Mixo will be rolled out to other operating systems. To learn more about Mixo, visit https://mixo.co.

About Mixo Mixo is a new way to interact with food content through short videos. As the first social media app dedicated to global food enthusiasts, Mixo provides tools for everyday people to create compelling food content in a serious and sophisticated way. Built specifically for food, Mixo lets users share and discover recipes, ingredients, restaurant reviews, grocery runs, holiday dishes, and cooking skills. Mixo seeks to celebrate the uniqueness of world cultures through food by enabling users to share, learn and have fun. To learn more about Mixo and download the app, go to https://mixo.co.

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