Judge Mathis’ son takes control of his social media accounts so he can’t respond to trolls


After the exit of Greg Mathis Jr. in the television series Mathis Family Matters, he fears that his father, Judge Greg Mathis, is responding to online trolls. Greg Jr. is aware that Judge Mathis’ fans tend to be conservative, so he wants to make sure he doesn’t respond in a way that could negatively impact his reputation. Here’s what happened last time on the reality series.

Greg Jr. has a conversation with his father on his social media accounts

Judge Mathis and his family | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Greg Mathis

During lunch, Greg Jr. asks his father about his social media accounts. Judge Mathis is not happy that his accounts are taken over and he shares his feelings. He’s not happy that he can’t go to his Facebook or Instagram pages. Apparently the passwords have been changed and he can’t log in.

“I want to understand how you all treat me like this,” said Judge Mathis. Greg Jr. asks him why he thinks he doesn’t have access to his accounts. “Because someone has the crazy idea that I’m going to attack people,” replied Judge Mathis.

Judge Mathis’ wife, Linda, says it’s important for him to keep his social media interactions civil with online trolls. “I don’t want you scolding anyone when you don’t like their comments,” she says. Judge Mathis jokes that he might make a few threats or ask for an address if people are talking about things that are “too precious to mess up”.

Mathis was referring to his son, Greg Jr. He doesn’t want anyone making negative comments about his son after he comes out. Mathis would do anything to protect his child, so it’s hard for him to take a step back.

Greg says his dad has a habit of “checking on people” when he feels like someone has disrespected him. “Lately, his words have gone too far on social networks,” he confides during the show.

According Mathis Family Matterssome of Judge Mathis’ comments on social media include telling someone they ‘look like a real crack’, and telling another person he’ll pick them up ‘with a little smoke’ if they “make a mess” with his children.

Greg wants to protect his father’s reputation

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Greg says he took away his dad’s password because he has to “protect the man from himself”. He says he’s been known to react before thinking about the consequences.

Judge Mathis mentioned a time when he posted a picture of himself and his daughters on social media and someone posted a suggestive message, saying, “I wish.” He said he felt he had to say something.

“I’m just trying to protect you,” Greg told his father. “You can’t just say what you want. They cancel people these days.

Greg worked in politics in Washington, DC, and he helped people know what to say, how to say it, and what not to say. He says he’s the perfect “fixer” for his family because of his work experience.

Judge Mathis says he will fight for his family

Judge Mathis says he is ready to do whatever it takes to defend his family. “It’s embarrassing and it may get me in trouble at some point, but I’m just not going to let you talk to me and hurt me and my family,” he says.

Although Mathis could not access his accounts, he was able to find his Instagram password with the help of his son-in-law. Greg Jr. realized that his father had gone back to his account after he couldn’t access his page. We’ll have to wait for the next episode to see how it all plays out.

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