Instagram increases response options in Stories polls, facilitating broader engagement


did you notice this alert already in your Instagram Stories sticker tray?

As shared by Social Media Advisor Meg CoffeyInstagram has quietly updated its poll sticker for Instagram Stories, which now lets you add up to four answer options for your poll, effectively doubling your answer choices.

Instagram Stories Poll Sticker Update

This could be great for social media managers looking to generate more engagement with their stories, with the simple, one-click response process of polls providing a great lure for interaction, which can then help maximize both response and range.

But it can be difficult to limit polls to just two responses. There’s always a gray area between the two answers, and with four answer panels it’s much easier to get more in-depth and integrated answers on each topic, which again could be helpful at times as a research and engagement option. .

In addition to this, the user Hammod Oh also reported that users can now change the color of the poll sticker question text.

Both are small updates as part of a larger scheme, but each could provide value and utility in different ways.

If you don’t see the new alert in your Stories sticker tray yet, update to the latest version of the app – and hopefully it will roll out to you soon.

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