In the age of social media, quality content can no longer be hidden: Neha Dhupia


In the age of social media, quality content can no longer be hidden: Neha Dhupia

By Atanu Roy Kolkata, Feb 19 (UNI) In the age of social media, great content can no longer be hidden, believes Neha Dhupia, who stars in ‘One Thursday’, a director by Behzad Khambata. Right after the start of streaming, Neha, in an interaction with UNI, acknowledged the power of social media given the promotion of any content. At the same time, it bumps into the culture of trolls, memes and negative comments. She said, “As far as trolls go, they’re best ignored.” Being one of the strong actors in Bollywood, when asked if she had any tension about the film, Neha denied it. “I don’t believe there’s any tension at all while you’re making a good product,” she said confidently. The actor, who was seen as a policeman in his previous film “Sanak”, this time also plays a cop. Citing this as mere coincidence and a close call, she expresses her excitement to enjoy her roles in both films. Interestingly, Neha is filming for “A Thursday” with her pregnancy and the role is also that of a pregnant cop. Hailing director Behzad Khambata, she said: “I think the most important thing is that I had the opportunity to play the role while I was 8 months pregnant. There are very few directors who are brave enough to choose someone in this phase of life, Behzad is one of them.” She even thinks that, in this changing world, where cinema is the portrait of society, actors are not in a situation of shyness. When asked if being a cop on screen is smart but if it comes with an extra burden when preparing the character, the actor resists it. She thinks it’s like all other roles, but certain technical aspects like holding and using the gun correctly are things to learn. Neha, who was seen in sleazy roles early in her career, transformed and started having content-driven films and strong characters. Responding if she changed her approach over time, mentioning herself lucky, the ‘Julie’ actress said, “I wanted to do good work with good people. And that’s my consistent approach. My approach to everything I do. have done in the last 18 years in the acting business is, to be honest and sincere”. The actor, who directed critically acclaimed films like ‘Moh Maya Money’, ‘Mithya’ also said that after some of her good films were rejected by the masses, she still works with the same people. ‘, ‘Moh Maya Money’, ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’ or ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’; all this set of a movie I did in the past if he had come now things would have been different . I feel like these movies are OTT ready.” The actor, who pioneered the concept of podcasts 6 years ago, still relishes the great excitement of being a changemaker. “I hope to bring back my podcast #NoFilterNeha, but it’s true now, I’ve been pretty caught up between work and my endorsements, movies I’m starting and motherhood,” Neha concluded. UNI XC KK

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