How Social Media Engineers Are Changing Instagram’s Algorithms To Increase Your Brand’s Reach


Do you feel jealous when you see a competitor has a bigger reach than you on Instagram? You’re doing your best to increase your Instagram followers, but your efforts don’t seem to be as effective as your competition’s. If this sounds too familiar, it’s time to explore a new strategy to boost your Instagram growth.

Many brands that promote their businesses on Instagram rely on companies that increase their follower count by changing Instagram’s algorithms. It is nothing illegal and many new businesses are already opting for these services as they work for the short term success of the business. Once you’ve achieved short-term success, you can work on it to improve your business’ long-term plans.

Reach more followers and likes

Social media engineers focus on four factors to influence your presence on Instagram:

  • Information you provide on your posts – Do you tend to upload more photos than videos, or vice versa? What are the average likes and comments your posts get? Social engineers can use these two essentials to develop a tailored strategy for you.
  • Your profile activity – Do you follow other pages or people on your brand’s Instagram profile? Then it becomes more accessible for engineers to use this information to increase your brand reach.
  • Your interaction history – Your communication with your followers also plays a crucial role in determining how quickly engineers can improve the number of followers on your profile. They will check if you usually respond to comments from your followers or participate in Q&A sessions.
  • Poster Information – Poster information means whether you find posts from other profiles exciting or not. In addition, whether you react to these messages or ignore them is taken into account when formulating a strategy.

Engineers will monitor your profile and obtain the above information. They will calculate your profile’s interest score, i.e. the likelihood of you engaging with your followers, and accordingly display your posts on your followers’ feeds. The more posts you upload, the more they will appear in your followers’ feeds. The more often your followers see your posts, the more interested they will be in your profile.

Five crucial interactions

In addition to the four factors above, the engineers also consider five interaction points to boost your presence on Instagram:

  • Love – The average number of likes your posts get
  • Time spent – The average time your followers spend on your posts
  • Save – How likely are your followers to save your posts
  • comments – The average number of words your posts receive
  • Tap Profile – How likely is your target audience to click on your profile after seeing one of your posts

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram depends a lot on analyzing your profile. InstaSwift, a company that increases your Instagram profile likes and followers, ensures that the followers you get stay with you for an extended period of time. This is why its success rate is so high. Thousands of users have already benefited from InstaSwift’s unique service. However, rather than just buying followers and likes, it’s time to invest in a more comprehensive and future-proof strategy to fuel your Instagram growth.

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