How social media accounts like Millionaire Motivator are shaping a new generation of entrepreneurs


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With the rise of social media, a new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals has emerged. Gone are the days when the younger rising generations opted for the traditional routes of obtaining a formal education followed by a traditional nine to five year profession. Millennials and Generation Z these days are driven by unconventional opportunities and often have the potential to increase their income exponentially. Many now reject the idea of ​​accepting careers that have a limit to what they can earn and instead embrace the entrepreneurial concept of focus, drive and determination.

And while a formal education is certainly valuable for particular professions, what many motivated young professionals have learned is that the best kind of education is often self-taught and experiential learning. Today, many emerging entrepreneurs have turned to online resources such as podcasts, videos, and even social media to boost their business and strategic acumen. Even Instagram is now playing a role as there are accounts solely meant to motivate and inspire professionals to be independent and successful. For example, Millionaire Motivator, an account with just under a million subscribers, shares content daily that encourages success, positivity, and inspiration.

With the rise of the podcast and the digital generation, the theme for this generation of entrepreneurs is: “How can I improve myself?” Sharing multiple posts a day that mobilize positivity, motivation and inspirational content that is often drawn from the stories of other highly successful and well-known people, Millionaire Motivator is a glimpse into the mindset of the types of entrepreneurs that this era is happening.

While social media was once meant to interact socially online and even share fun and relevant content via memes, the platforms’ potential remains endless as today’s generations continue to find ways to create new innovative successes inspired by what they choose to surround themselves with.

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