How Social Interaction Can Boost Your Productivity


Remote work has several advantages such as better work-life balance and lower expenses. However, this limits social connections and can become quite lonely. And while you’re probably okay with that, you might be surprised at how important social interactions are to your job performance.


Humans are social beings and often crave connection and contact with their fellow human beings. Plus, these relationships make us happy, help reduce stress, improve our health, and make us better teammates. As a result, we work better, achieving exemplary performance and improved productivity. If you’ve always thought social interactions don’t impact your work, read on to see 5 ways it can help kick your productivity up a notch.

Mental well-being

Social interactions provide emotional support that cannot be found anywhere else. The simple act of sharing difficult life situations with other people makes them bearable and greatly reduces mental stress. Also, being among other people gives a sense of belonging and gives meaning and purpose to your life. This can lead to improved self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. Also, when you are happy, you are bound to work your best.

Even when you don’t have an office to go to, you can find other ways to interact with other people in your daily work. For example, you can chat with a friend or relative during your breaks. Another great option is to work in a coworking space a few days a week. There are different options like offices in Nashville or other cities near you. This allows you to meet and interact with fellow workers, while making meaningful connections.

job satisfaction

Employee relations are a key element of a positive and dynamic corporate culture. When employees get to know each other in a personal and positive way, trust and respect increase. Plus, it creates an emotionally safe environment where employees can be themselves and share their thoughts without fear of being judged or laughed at. Moreover, everyone likes to work in a place where they feel accepted and respected for who they are, which improves job performance. Be sure to participate in company happy hours and team building activities, either physically or virtually. You are bound to find job satisfaction when people who radiate positive vibes and energy surround you. Plus, you’ll be more committed and dedicated to giving it your all.

A healthier life

Good friends are important for the sake of your health. As said before, the support they provide in good and bad times can improve your mental health. Plus, your friends can inspire you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you interact with people who value physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you will likely embrace that lifestyle. You will start to enjoy working out and spending time in nature. Likewise, spending time with people who don’t drink, smoke, or have other unhealthy habits can inspire you to change those habits.

Just being around friends can dramatically reduce your risk of high blood pressure, depression, and weight gain. A healthy you means fewer sick days and better shape to do a lot.

Increased collaboration

People work best with people they trust and respect. Interacting socially with your colleagues brings a level of respect and trust. In addition, communication is improved and problem solving is enhanced. This brings cohesion and understanding. With such a culture, you are likely to be more willing to work with the rest of the team to achieve set goals. The willingness to participate and collaborate with other team members also allows teams to work more efficiently, leading to positive results.

Increased creativity

If you’re having trouble finishing a project, just take a break and encourage a few conversations around the neighborhood or at a local coffee shop. You’ll be surprised how the ideas will start flowing once you get back to the project. How is it possible? You see, people have different minds, thoughts, and ideas about things based on their backgrounds, beliefs, etc. You are likely to find new perspectives on a difficult task simply by listening to different people. Moreover, it can be a good boost for your creativity and innovation.


You’ve probably heard of the popular saying, “I didn’t come to make friends, I came to work.” However, following this line of thinking can hurt your productivity. Social interactions at work and outside of work have a lot to do with how you do your job. You’ll be happier and healthier, which is essential for keeping fit. In addition, you are likely to collaborate better with others. Your creativity is also likely to soar simply by interacting with others.

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