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Over time, social interactions have taken place in the physical world. From small talk between acquaintances to meaningful conversations, social interactions have traditionally required face-to-face involvement. The invention and widespread adoption of the telephone broke new ground in modern social interactions, creating a need for participants to alter the way they perceive pitch and inflection of voice, without the ability to physically see the other. participating in the call. Today, with the widespread adoption of digital interaction, Gen Z is once again leading the charge in modernizing communication.

Gen Z is about to shake up traditional dynamics

Enter Gen Z, the fast-growing cohort born between 1997 and 2010. In fact, according to Insider Intelligence, Gen Z currently makes up 27% of the US population. By 2026, 82 million Gen Zers will be enrolled, and many of them will dip their toes into interpersonal dynamics.

Trending interpersonal relationship topics on Yubo

As tech-savvy digital natives, Gen Zers have grown up with social media and video-sharing platforms. This explains why they turned to Yubo, a fast growing live video streaming platform with global reach. Yubo fans chat with friends (and make new ones), play digital games, and enjoy some welcome downtime with the company of others looking to do the same.

In 2021, Generation Zers livestreamed over six million Yubo chats focusing on relationships, making it one of the hottest trending topics of the year on the platform. At the end of 2021, members of the Yubo team asked Gen Z to share their thoughts on various aspects of interpersonal relationships.

How Gen Zers View Relationships

Gen Zers continue to challenge many established societal norms. Whether they’re redefining gender roles, boldly championing a favorite social cause, or going against the grain of their product preferences, they’re always challenging the status quo. Therefore, it is not surprising that they applied this paradigm shift to their meaningful relationships.

How Gen Zers Come Together

Gen Zers are extremely comfortable with digital technology and social media has always been a part of their lives. In fact, social media provides opportunities for Gen Zers to connect with other people in different countries and other continents.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory lockdowns meant that, for many, connecting via social media was the only option available. For Gen Z, that meant business as usual, as they’ve always been used to meeting other people online. Unlike Millennials, Gen Z doesn’t distinguish between offline and online socializing.

Purely digital relationships

To take virtual dating a step further, some Gen Zers are using technology to forge all-digital relationships. In other words, they never meet the other person face to face. However, this is an entirely new phenomenon, so the long-term implications of this practice are unclear.

Evolution of gender preferences

Generation Z’s identification of multiple genders has been factored into their interpersonal relationships. In this context, some Gen Zers feel that traditional gender roles are becoming obsolete. Other Gen Z individuals are unwilling to go that far, embracing binary gender in addition to newly identified genders. Recognizing the importance of this facet to their Gen Z user base, Yubo supports gender identification and identity through multiple app features and creates an inclusive space for users to explore their preferences and identities. .

Gen Zers create new wedding traditions

Not surprisingly, many innovation-minded Gen Zers who are preparing for their future wedding plan to update existing wedding traditions or create new ones. This creativity will likely extend to wedding venues, bridal party wear, reception offerings, and other components.

Establish a wedding budget

Traditionally, the bride’s parents have paid for the wedding expenses. Since a third of Gen Zers plan to cover their own wedding expenses, they’ll likely have to stick to a carefully crafted wedding budget. This financially responsible attitude reflects the desire of Gen Zers to be financially independent. In another twist, Gen Zers’ desires for travel and experiences may cause them to spend most of their wedding funds on a honeymoon.

Include a social benefits component

Many Gen Zers are socially and politically active, and they have an underlying desire to take action that benefits others. Knot’s 2019 survey shows that around 60% of respondents wanted to incorporate a charity registry into their wedding plans.

To minimize the environmental impact of the wedding, Gen Zers may choose a nearby venue rather than an expensive destination wedding. Using recyclable and/or eco-friendly decorations and supporting local vendors are other low-impact wedding planning strategies.

Mixed wedding parties

Gen Zers’ acceptance of different genders is reflected in their opinions of their wedding party makeup. the sexual orientation of the engaged couple.

“As we usher in a new generation of couples to be engaged to – and then brides and grooms – we expect Gen Z and young millennials to continue breaking social norms and creating their own traditions when it comes to their future marriages and weddings,” she explains.

“We’re looking forward to seeing more couples – regardless of sexual orientation – incorporate mixed-gender parties into their weddings, with half of Gen Z and Millennials believing this trend will become more popular over time,” Cooper concludes. .

Some Gen Zers Say “The One” Doesn’t Exist

Many Gen Zers have embraced the concept of marriage at the right time. However, in their discussions on Yubo, others have stated that although they are looking for a fulfilling relationship, they don’t believe that one person can fulfill this role.

Gen Zers put their own stamp on interpersonal relationships

As Gen Zers continue to evolve their relationships, they may well abandon (or at least revise) additional societal norms about meeting and choosing partners, friends, and acquaintances. As younger members of their cohort move into the adult pool, it’s entirely possible that bigger changes are still happening. Leading the open conversation about Gen Z’s social interactions, Yubo is here to help them explore these new styles of interaction and evolve the way Gen Z and beyond communicate as authentically as they can. would do in real life.

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