Design insights: social interaction; Obtain the best 3D printing; A better user experience; End on a happy note


Social interaction

machine design has expanded its reach over the years to include not just its print magazine, but its website, newsletters like this and, in recent years, social media.

Our LinkedIn group and company page have a combined follower base of over 17,600 followers, and we have over 30,000 followers on Facebook. Both of these channels have a mix of reader-contributed posts as well as our own content shared with social media audiences.

The pages are worth checking out for their immediacy, but they’re also a great resource for some of our great legacy content. For example:

Get the best 3D printing

Advances in 3D printing have allowed not only better prototyping, but also better adjustments to the original design through software improvements. A machine design article titled “How to make that first impression a good one” looks at how software can accurately predict 3D printing warping and adjust part design to compensate for it.

A better user experience

From HMIs to tablet screens, there’s more information designed to be presented in a more user-friendly way. This is an important consideration for design teams, as discussed in another MARYLAND article, “How the User Interface on IoT Hardware Can Make or Break the User Experience.” The article identifies issues that can be caused by poorly designed user interfaces for IoT products. At the low end of the IoT spectrum, simple, commoditized solutions often offer poorly implemented user interfaces. This article examines various issues resulting from a poorly designed user interface for IoT products.

End on a happy note

The 2021 World Happiness Report is out and, despite a year of physical distancing and social and political unrest around the world, people are generally beautiful, well… happy.

We mention this because the report found that in a year ravaged by a global pandemic, people have increasingly relied on their social connections in 2020. We found video calls and staying six feet apart has in some ways brought us closer amidst the chaos.

There’s a lot of data in the report, so we’ll add the highlights: Finland is ranked as the happiest country on the planet, and the United States came in at 19.and—just behind the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, but ahead of France, Italy and Belgium. The study found that people who take a longer view of their lives are hopeful and happy about the future.

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