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The 2021-2022 school year has officially kicked off as students dive into their first weeks of class and adjust to a partially reopened campus.

While this fall session is the closest to “normal” we’ve seen in the past year and a half, COVID-19 security protocols remain in place. Naturally, this hinders social interaction between the students.

Residence life is strict with COVID-19 security protocols that keep students and staff safe but limit physical social interactions – something most freshmen need.

Students living in residences have their own bedrooms and common areas such as lounges are closed until larger gatherings are permitted.

No guests are allowed in the residence buildings at any time. These restrictions include parents and students from different rooms, floors or other residences.

Students are also required to wear masks outside their rooms and apartments.

Due to these restrictions, it can be difficult for students to navigate social life in residence. Having the opportunity to meet new people and develop lasting relationships has been impacted.

“Although I have no authority for the Laurier Residences Department, I feel like my job has been made a bit more difficult just because I have to be strict and make sure we respect health and public safety, ”said a Laurier. residence said about the experience.

“I think being strict in these COVID-19 policies, like not having guests upstairs, is detrimental to student health and student engagement between other floors and residences. Honestly, we’re just trying to do our best… safety comes first and we have to do our part, ”they said of restrictions and student socialization.

Residences have to be diligent in applying security protocols, which has been difficult.

“I think the residency mask tenure is what students struggle with. Most people are now fully immunized, so some students think they will be fine as long as they are in residence. Another is the guest policy. I understand the early years want to have fun, but we have to look for contracts, and that makes it a lot harder when there are other people from other residences, ”Don said.

While security protocols are important, some students feel the lack of physical socialization limits their freshman college experience and takes away the residency experience they have been eagerly awaiting.
“I can sympathize with the students. I think if it was a regular first year I honestly think people would be better socialized. I feel like you would have a lot more fun and find Laurier more welcoming in the city and the community, ”they said.

“The first year is one of the most defining years of your life, and COVID-19 is hindering the way students experience it. We’re just trying to do our best, and maybe we can eventually break those restrictions, but we’ll see. “

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