Collaborative content is the latest trend in social networks


On social media, a host of new features put collaboration in the spotlight, as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Twitter have all introduced collaborative content options.

Here’s a look at this growing trend that can help build communities and boost advertising on social platforms.

TikTok is once again driving this trend. The Chinese social media giant has popularized collaborative content with its “Duets” option, allowing users to post content using another user’s video, which already exists on the app. This type of content enhances interaction between users.

Faced with the success of TikTok, previously established social networks have in turn become interested in the idea of ​​collaborative content to boost engagement on their platforms. Twitter is the latest to join the trend with its new collaborative tweets option. Still being tested, this option, called “CoTweets”, allows users to invite another Twitter user to participate in the creation of a tweet.

The new option will only be available for certain accounts in the United States, Canada, and South Korea, and only for a limited time. Twitter did not specify the criteria for accessing this feature, which is still in the pilot phase.

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By posting a “CoTweet”, the tweet will be published on the accounts of the two users concerned. Both accounts’ username and profile picture will appear at the top of the tweet.

To create a collaborative tweet, a user simply selects the option, which then sends an invitation to accept or decline the creation to the other user concerned. Note that once the tweet has been created, it is no longer possible to modify it after the invitation has been sent. If the other user declines the “CoTweet” invitation, that invitation will automatically be deleted. If they change their mind after the “CoTweet” is posted, they can always delete their name, which will turn the content into a normal tweet and remove it from their account.
Users will only be able to “CoTweet” with their followers who have a public profile.

Instagram has already jumped on the collaborative content trend, again taking inspiration from TikTok, in 2021. Meta’s social network launched the “Remix” option for its “Reels” short videos, echoing the option ” Duet” from TikTok.

But the social network already allowed users to publish collaborative posts on the news feed. This option is widely used by content creators and celebrities to promote products or events with brands. The option was also launched on Facebook at the end of June 2022.

More recently, Snapchat announced the ability to create “Shared Stories”. This type of content is a good way to boost user engagement on different platforms, while highlighting collaborations between influencers and brands, and allowing better monetization of content.

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