Chris Noth is thrilled to be back on social media after the scandal!


Chris Noth made a valiant comeback on social media just two months after being accused of sexually assaulting multiple women.

The former ‘Sex and the City’ star made sure to let his 475,000 followers know he was a family man.

Last week, the shamed actor posted a photo of his eldest son, Orion (14), playing basketball.

Noth captioned the photo, “SWISH. Great to see his love for basketball blossom.

Chris Noth is back on The Gram!

He also posted a shadow photo of himself with his youngest son, Keats (2), and wished the little one a “Happy Birthday”.

Noth wrote: ‘February 18th – Happy birthday little Keats – you brought clear blue skies into our lives’ alongside the photo.

Despite his controversial past, many of his followers were thrilled to see him back on the Gram.

His supporters praise his return

One person commented: “❤️ I support you Chris Noth!!”

Another wrote: “I support you Chris and welcome you to Instagram!!! Happy Birthday Keats and many more wonderful birthdays to come! Cuddles! ❤️”

“So happy to have you back sharing photos of your beautiful family. I suspect you have more supporters than you will ever know. AJLT was nothing without you,” another fan commented.

Last year, the explosion reported on the charges against Noth, which snowballed from two women stories to four.

Several other women began to question their interactions with the actor.

Two women, whose identities have been protected by pseudonyms, have shared their stories of alleged sexual assault involving Noth.

Several women did not accuse anything of sexual assault


It is important to note that these alleged incidents occurred in two different locations and more than a decade apart.

An incident reportedly occurred at a building in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. in 2004.

The other alleged assault happened at his Greenwich Village apartment in New York in 2015.

Zoe (41) claims she was sexually assaulted by Noth in 2004, and Lily (31) claims he sexually assaulted her in 2015.

The two women approached THR this year at different times and pretend not to know each other.

Zoe and Lily said that “promotions and press articles for HBO Max’s ‘Sex and the City’ sequel series ‘And Just Like That,’ in which Noth reprises his role as Mr. Big, brought back memories painful incidents.”

Their stories have drastic differences, but there is a chilling similarity in the two stories.


Both women claim that Noth imposed himself from behind and sexually assaulted them in front of a mirror.

The ‘SATC’ actor released a statement on Thursday, December 16.

Noth stays, he’s innocent and the charges are false

In a statement to THR, Noth said: “The accusations made against me by people I met years, even decades ago, are categorically false. These stories could have been from 30 years or 30 days ago – no always means no – that’s a line I haven’t crossed. The meetings were consensual. It’s hard not to question when these stories come out. I don’t know for sure why they’re surfacing now, but I do know this: I didn’t assault these women.

Zoe said that in 2014 she met Noth while working at a high profile company where he and other celebrities regularly had affairs.

She claimed he would leave her voicemails on his work phone and that he invited her to his WeHo apartment building to hang out by the pool.

She agreed, and she happened to have a friend who lived in the same building.

Zoe claimed they went to the hot tub and Noth had a book with him. He asked her to look at him before going out to take a call in his apartment.

Prior to the call, Noth allegedly asked Zoe to bring the book back to her apartment.

Sarah Jessica Parker breaks her silence on Chris Noth assault allegations

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

Zoe alleges he kissed her without asking, as she said, ‘Thanks, I’m going back to my friend’s house’, he pulled her to him, moved her to the bed, took off her shorts and her bikini bottom and started raping from behind in front of a mirror.

“It was very painful and I shouted: ‘Stop!’ “, she says. “And he didn’t. I said, ‘Can you at least have a condom?’ and he laughed at me,” she recalls.

Lily, on the other hand, reportedly met Noth while working at the now closed New York City nightclub, No. 8.

She remembered him asking her out with Il Cantinori for dinner; however, when she arrived, the kitchen was already closed.

The two drank wine and returned to his building where he said they could drink whiskey.

“I thought, ‘Let’s drink some whiskey and talk about his acting career.’ It sounds so stupid,” she said.


Lily remembers Noth pulling down his pants and shoving his genitals into his mouth.

“He had sex with me in the back of a chair. We were in front of a mirror. I was crying when it happened,” she revealed.

After the assault was over, Lily said: ‘I went to the bathroom and put my skirt on. I felt very bad. Totally violated. All my dreams with this star I loved for years are gone.

Noth claims his innocence.

He was dropped from the remaining episodes of the “SATC” reboot, “And Just Like That…” as well as his roles in “The Equalizer” and “Law & Order.”

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