Boston vs. New York causes social media frenzy at Kickoff Classic


The long-awaited game between the New York Subliners and the Boston Breach did not disappoint as both teams entered the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic. Although they hadn’t played against each other in Vanguard before, the two teams were entering the year with a turf war rivalry.

As the most anticipated match of day one of the Kickoff Classic, the games themselves did not disappoint. Neither did social media interaction, as fans and players went wild over what the teams were doing on the server. From Ian “Crimsix” Porter trying out an underwater gun to James “Clayster” Eubanks holding a one-on-two with a sniper rifle, the internet was devouring the action.

Crimsix embrace the meme

It has been over six months since Crimsix last appeared in Arlington at the Esports Stadium under the Dallas Empire. During his walkout six months ago, he put on a great show in a cowboy hat and a memorable pose. To keep the meme alive, Crimsix similarly posted on stage for the Kickoff Classic and gave fans more images to create memes.

“THICC6 entered the building,” said the Call of Duty League Twitter account.

Get the snipers out of here

The snipers were not used in competition due to a gentleman’s agreement, then were reinstated soon after due to mixed opinions from pros and scenes. However, teams may rethink their decision to bring them back after seeing what Clayster was able to do with one.

In an intense one-on-two situation on Tuscan Search and Destroy when the mode first appeared at the Kickoff Classic, Boston had the advantage over Clayster who only had a sniper. After an aggressive challenge from Thomas “TJHaLy” Haley, Clayster was able to reposition himself to kill Kenyan rookie “Capsidal” Sutton to win the round.

“Thank you for outsmarting the snipers”, tweeted the New York Subliners.

“The GA chat right now,” said CDLIntel on Twitter.

“Holy S*** Clayster YES,” said the Call of Duty League caster Miles Ross on Twitter.

Capsidal shows what it is capable of

In the most hyped Hardpoint map of the Kickoff Classic so far, Boston Breach rookie Capsidal showed he can play with the best of the best. He went on an eight-game winning streak that put the entire Arlington Stadium on its feet. Not only did he catch the attention of the fans in the stadium, but also the fans on Twitter.

“Young UNIT Capsidal,” the Boston tweeted. infringe. “Know his name, fear him.”

“CAPS POV JUST BROKEN MY NECK JESUS,” said Los Angeles Thieves player Sam “Octane” Larew.

“CAP JUST GOT HIS *** ON NO CAP,” tweeted former Call of Duty pro Adam “GODRX” Brown.

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