Bengals social media interaction with Joe Burrow and OBJ is crazy


Joe Burrow and Odell Beckham Jr. shared a little social media interaction that sent the football world into a rumor frenzy – could the Cincinnati Bengals play for OBJ this offseason?

For some context: After Monday’s OTAs, Burrow posted two photos to Instagram with the caption, “My spider-sense is starting to tingle a bit,” which is pretty vague on its own. Beckham was one of the first to comment on the post with an equally vague response: “That one.”

The short exchange could mean absolutely nothing…..or it could mean everything, as Twitter took Burrow and Beckham’s dialogue and followed it.

Burrow and Beckham both played at LSU, so some began to wonder if Beckham was looking forward to joining the Super Bowl finalists and potentially thriving under Burrow’s arm.

Beckham remains one of the best free agents this offseason after tearing his ACL for the second time in the Super Bowl and has been linked to a number of playoff contenders, but his joining the Bengals is certainly the one of the most intriguing proposals.

Cincinnati Bengals linked to wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after cryptic social media interaction between Joe Burrow and OBJ

The wide elite joined the Los Angeles Rams mid-season in 2021 and played a crucial role in their journey to earning a ring, but due to his recent injury Beckham may have to settle for a one-year contract with a catcher. -needy team.

The Bengals are not a needy team of receivers in 2022 with their deadly trifecta of Ja’Marr Chase, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins, but behind those three, Cincy could arguably use more depth.

Now, would OBJ be happy playing a backup role as WR4 this season? Probably not. And as the Cleveland Browns know well, a disgruntled OBJ is an indomitable threat to any team.

Also, in all likelihood, Burrow and OBJ’s social media interaction meant nothing, and the Rams will likely opt to re-run it with OBJ and Stafford, signing the receiver to a cheaper deal before the end of the offseason.

Los Angeles is understandably reluctant to give Beckham a lucrative contract given his injury history, so it might be time for an aggressive team to swoop in and lure Beckham out with the goods.

Beckham obviously wants to play for a Super Bowl contender this year, and it doesn’t hurt that Joe Burrow of the Bengals is currently one of the best quarterbacks in the league with Matthew Stafford.

Still, don’t hold your breath waiting for that signing to happen. The Bengals have other roster areas to worry about.

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