80% satisfied with remote work despite higher workloads, lack of social interaction


March 08, 2021

As Covid-19 approaches the one-year mark, Infosys Ltd. reported that a majority of American workers, 80%, said they were very or somewhat satisfied with remote working despite higher workloads and a lack of social interaction with their co-workers. The information comes from a survey of employees and executives of US-based companies by Infosys and the Milken Institute.

Women were slightly more satisfied with remote work than men; 93% of women say they are satisfied compared to 88% of men.

However, 82% of managers said their employees worked more than they were before the pandemic, with more than half saying they worked “a lot” more.

Income inequality also emerges as a problem with remote working. The survey found that 69% of those earning less than $ 50,000 per year said they had seen increased remote work opportunities since Covid-19, compared to 86% of those earning more than $ 75,000 per year.

With the ability to hire workers beyond where companies physically operate, some companies have taken the opportunity to double diversity and inclusion.

The survey also found an increased focus on job training, with more than half of those surveyed citing training in one form or another as a benefit of working remotely.

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