Sidmouth businesses need to embrace social media


17:00 21 May 2022

Vincent Page of Antiques on High writes for the Herald

Vincent Page, of Antiques on High, celebrates one year of activity. Photo: Antiquities in height
– Credit: Archant

For those who have reservations and fear the complexities of using social media to promote their business, it can prove to be a real tool.

Love it or hate it, social media now plays a key role in our lives and has helped many people maintain their sanity over the past couple of years and can also be very productive in terms of promoting your business, big or small.

Paying to advertise there can boost your profile for a minimal amount, but you need to choose your target audience both in terms of areas and age groups and save your settings so you can use the same demographic group assuming that it turns out to be a success.

With security for Facebook and many others becoming a key part of their core structure, setting up a business page can take longer than before, but it’s important to make sure you can interact with it in the best way that suits your business. and as with many sites, changes you make are often reversible if you decide to undo them in the future.

As with all forms of advertising, continuity is key and daily updates on your business pages using photos of various products can have a lasting effect in attracting more and more people to your business. , whether online or in a physical store.

Sidmouth has a phenomenal social media response rate given its population of around fifteen thousand, there are many social media pages for the communities with many people eager to engage, although incessant dinner pictures of someone can be a little tedious.

During lockdowns many businesses have been almost forced to go online to survive but you can’t beat good old face to face contact with real people and with Covid-19 hopefully we can take a new approach to the way we do things.

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