Hardik requests an investigation to find the social status of communities in the general category


The incumbent President of the Congress of Gujarat, Hardik Patel, on Monday called on the government of Gujarat that an investigation of various communities falling under the general category of the state be undertaken according to the criteria of the other backward classes (OBC) so that their social and educational status can be understood for possible inclusion. in the list of OBC communities.

Referring to a bill in parliament granting the power to include a community in the list of OBC communities to state governments, Patel posted a social media post stating: “I personally welcome this bill. … I ask the government of Gujarat that a survey be conducted of various communities falling under the general category according to the criteria of the CBO so that the social and educational condition of the general communities can be understood. And if a given community fits the CBO criteria, historical work can be done to include it in the CBO (communities).

Gujarat media manager BJP Yagnesh Dave has reacted strongly against posting Hardik on social media and said he should know the procedure for including a particular community in the OBC community list.

In a video message, Dave said, “Perhaps Hardik Patel would not know that the task of including communities among CBOs is carried out by CBO commissions in all states of India. And the OBC Commission is an autonomous body. The OBC Commission itself is doing the poll. And after verifying the population, education level, and financial status of a given community through the survey, the Commission makes recommendations to the state government. And then the state government makes the decision. Maybe Hardik Patel is not aware of this procedure.

“He (Hardik) must not ignore (the procedure) because when he is making a lot of agitation to include his community among the CBOs, he must know the procedure perfectly,” he added.

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