Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box


Citrus Lane is monthly subscription box for children 0-5.  For $25/month, they send a box with goodies for kids.  Each box is supposed to retail for $30-$45 dollars.  They curate the boxes based on your child’s age and gender.  They often have deals for subscriptions, so my boxes tend to cost me more like $15-17/month.
I was really happy to see my box today!  Citrus Lane ships on the 15th and the arrival window is between the 17th-22nd.  I usually see my box on the 21st or 22nd, so it was earlier than expected this month.
 Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box

Here is what we received in our 35 month old box:

  • Crocodile Creek Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Haba/Spielstabil Mole Hand Sandtoys
  • Alex Toy Dot to Dot Chalks
  • Episencial Sunny Sunscreen
 Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box

These are super fun.  I know Kaylee will really enjoy them.  She is very into digging in dirt lately.  

 Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box

I liked these too.  The polka dots are fun, although I’m not sure how well that will translate when drawing.  But I was also happy to have the chalk holder.  Smart.  I haven’t introduced Kaylee to chalk drawing on the sidewalk yet, but I know she will have fun.  

 Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box

We have a ton of water bottles, but this one will be good for Kaylee’s soccer practice.  The little princess on the front is cute.  I liked that it has a cap too.

 Subscription Boxes! June 2013 Citrus Lane Box
We are big fans of Episencial, so sunscreen by them is very welcome in this household.  This sunscreen is also a Citrus Lane exclusive, so that is pretty cool too.  Although if we like it, then it is kind of annoying because we couldn’t buy it in a store.  Hmm.
Overall, a fun and timely box for the summer.  I liked everything and will use everything.  This wasn’t the highest value box we’ve received but I think it is maybe one of the more on par boxes.  I can’t wait to show Kaylee chalk drawing and maybe put her to work in the yard with the mole hands.  Haha!
You can save $10 on your first box by using my referral link:  That makes your first box only $15!

Disclaimer:  I was not paid or provided with any product.  I paid for this box on my own.  All my opinions are my own.  I really truly love Citrus Lane! 

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  1. Jill K. says

    It is the same Episencial/Baby Time sunscreen – they just only filled the container about halfway (1.5 oz) instead of the full (2.7 oz). Also, it is the old Episencial packaging versus their new "Baby Time" packaging.

    I agree, Episencial is the BE. I'm gland they didn't change the product after they changed the name. :)

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