Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

Popsugar Must Haves is a monthly subscription box that includes over a $100 worth of hand picked items from Popsugar’s editors.  It is $35 a month, although a monthly subscription helps bring the price down a bit.


  • Heather Belle Signature Tassel Necklace
  • The Laundress Cashmere and Wool Wash
  • Corkatoo Corkscrew
  • Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara
  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver
  • The New Black Nail Polish
  • Special Extra: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Assortment Pack
  • Special Extra: Marshmallow Peeps 

 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!


 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

This necklace is a “brighter” gold than I normally wear, but I really like the design. I’ve been eyeing tassel necklaces in the stores, so I was pretty happy to receive this!  I just wish the chain was a little shorter so the tassel would end a higher.  But overall, a very cool piece.

 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

 I was also happy to see these two items.  I am excited to try out the Sweater Saver and the tape is one of those items that you don’t realize you need it until you do!

 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

I love nail polish so I was really happy to receive these!  I like the colors a lot too.  Shimmery polishes are my favorite and I thought these colors are really fun and flattering.

 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

Because I am a redhead, I tend to wear brown mascara, but every once in awhile it is nice to go bold.  This mascara really does plump and lengthen my lashes, without being too clumpy.  I was impressed.

 Subscription Boxes! March Popsugar Must Haves!

  This was my favorite part!  How cute is this bottle opener??  I seriously love it and may have to purchase some for friends.

I didn’t get a separate picture of the cashmere and wool wash, but I appreciated its inclusion.  I’m not sure how much use it will get.  I never buy anything that requires dry cleaning…or anything that I can’t just throw in the wash and dryer.  So there isn’t any cashmere or wool in my closet.  But, maybe that will change?

Overall, I was really happy with this month!  I will use almost everything in it and I thought it was a great mix of products. 

One thing that I really love about Popsugar is that there is always such a fun variety.  I never know what I am going to get.  I also love that the products are generally high end and/or well made.  I also think they consistently deliver a great box value.  Even with products I want, I feel like the quality is nice enough for regifting.  So while $35 can be a lot, I think Popsugar is a lot of fun and I plan on continuing for a while!

If you would like to give Popsugar a try, you can use this link:  (I will get referral points)

Disclaimer:  I paid for this subscription myself and did not receive compensation of any kind.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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  1. Karen says

    Thanks for your review – I have not heard of these boxes. We are thinking about trying Birchbox!

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