Fisher-Price Bubble Guppies toy line

Preschoolers everywhere have fallen for the Nick Jr.’s animated series, Bubble Guppies.  My kids love the music and humor in the show; not to mention, they love anything that features fish or characters that resemble fish.  I find Bubble Guppies to entertaining and cute, as well.  I think the characters are magical, fun with a great upbeat, amazing adventures, and ear catching songs.  I get the theme song stuck in my head on a regular basis,

Finally, kids can play with their favorite Bubble Guppies characters at home and recreate Bubbletucky in your own living room.  I was so excited that Fisher-Price was making the toys.  I always love the quality of Fisher-Price.

The full Bubble Guppies line from Fisher-Price includes:

  • Rock & Roll Stage 
  • Fin-Tastic Guitar 
  • Rockin’ Micro-Fin™ 
  • Splash & Surprise Molly 
  • Rock & Roll Bubble Guppies Assortment 
  • Bubble Guppies Vehicle Assortment 
  • Bubble Guppies Bath Squirters Assortment 
  • Bubble Guppies Assorted Plush 
  • Bubble Guppies Rolling Figures Assortment 
  • Bubble Guppies Assorted Mini-Plush

We received the Rock & Roll Stage, Fin-Tastic Guitar, Rockin’ Micro-Fin, Bubble Guppies Assorted Plush, and Bubble Guppies Rolling Figures Assortment.  It was like Christmas for my kids when the box arrived.  All the toys have gotten attention and lots of play time, even the Plush toys.

DSC 0015 Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toy line

This is a picture of the Plush Bubble Guppies Gil, Plush Bubble Guppies Puppy, and Plush Bubble Guppies Molly.  My kids fight over the puppy but they love all of them.

 Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toy line
PicMonkey+Collage Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toy line
The Bubble Guppies Rockin’ Micro-fin was a huge hit!  It is so cute with its fin that moves back and forth.  There is a few songs to sing along to.  Our favorite feature was that the Micro-fin has a voice amplifier so they can hear their own voice and sing into it.  The underwater bubble sounds was an adorable feature.  All 3 of my kids- 4 (almost 5), 3, and 1 year olds loved this toy.
DSC 0023 Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toy line

My two younger kids love the Fin-Tastic guitar, especially my 1 year old.  It has over 20 songs and phrases; you press the 3 buttons that feature Gil, Bubble Puppy, and Molly to activate the sound effects and phrases.  Kids can strum on the guitar to hear a song.  The Fin-Tastic guitar is colorful and bright.

PicMonkey+Collage2 Fisher Price Bubble Guppies toy line

My kids favorite of all the toys that we received it the Rock & Roll Stage and Bubble Guppies Rolling Assortment.  The Rock & Roll Stage includes Molly and her lobster drummer.  All the other characters are sold separately and each come with one ramp.  The stage lights up and plays 4 different songs.  The characters get ready in the dressing room above the stage and then slide down to the stage for the show.  My kids love sliding all the characters down the slide.  Sometimes the characters end up falling off the side before making it down and the doors fall off frequently but that doesn’t phase my kids.  The songs are fun and the light at the end of the ramp is neat.  As soon as a character rolls down, the sounds and light activate.  My kids are usually impatient and activate it themselves.  It was easy to put together, and my 4 year old quickly figured out how to attach the addition character’s ramps to the main stage and to each other.  It’s neat how it all fits together.

I checked out the other toys in the store the other day.    I know my kids would, also, love the Vehicle Assortment and the Splash & Surprise Molly.  It’s been a few days since we received the toys, and they are still played with a lot.  All the toys would be a splash for any little Bubble Guppy fan.

Disclaimer:  I received these Fisher-Price Bubble Guppies toys for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not otherwise compensated for this post.  All the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you!

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  1. Janice says

    Awww I have to get the Bubble Guppies for my 2 yr old niece and the micro-fin. She would love this. Maybe I can put the guppies in her Easter Basket. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Karen says

    These are so sweet – my nephew would love them for his upcoming bday.
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  3. Stacey says

    My daughter loves bubble guppies but I went to buy the set of bath toy and learned they didn’t make dema and moby bath squirters very disappointed ! If you make one you should make all !!!!

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