Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox


Cravebox is a subscription service, but is a little different than most.  They have themed boxes that you can enter into a random drawing to win.  If you win, you get the box!  You aren’t charged unless you win, of course. 


Last month Cravebox offered a “Dog Lovers II” Box.  This box is was $13.  Here is what was included:

  • Sentry Phermone Dog Collar
  • True Chews Dog Treats Chicken Fillets
  • Bissell Stomp and Go Stain Pad
  • Honest Kitchen Dog Food Pouch
  • “In a Dog’s Heart” by Jennifer Arnold
  • $10 off  $60 coupon

 Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox

 Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox
Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Whole Food
 Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox
This is pretty interesting
 Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox
My dog could really use this!

I thought this box contained some interesting items.  The dogs loved the chicken jerky, of course.  Plus, that stuff isn’t cheap!  I also really liked the calming collar.  I put it on the high anxiety dog and it did seem to help a bit.  I didn’t expect it to work miracles or anything, but it did seem to take the edge off.  I’d consider buying it again.  I’m not sure how much use we’d get out of the dehydrated food, but I might sprinkle it on their kibbles as a treat.  I’m also interested to read the book.  We recently got a new dog who, for the most part, is a well behaved dog.  But she is younger and a shepherd mix and therefore requires more training.  I’m hoping this book gives some insight.  The only thing I wasn’t too keen on the coupon.  I don’t  really like it when subscription boxes include coupons that requires you to spend x amount of month.  Especially if I’m having to spend $50 out of pocket!  And lastly, the only thing I think would have been fun would be some kind of toy.  

I was pretty happy with the Dog Lover’s box.  I got use new and interesting products and the dogs are happy.  I think Cravebox is great for those that like name brand stuff.  You won’t usually receive hard to find items or independent items.  But to me, that makes it pretty useful.  A lot of times they are brands I use, so receiving free items makes me a happy girl.  

If you would like to join, you can register here.  You will receive emails when the drawings are open and you can decide if it sounds like something you would like to enter the drawing for.  If you do register, you can use my username “snaugle81″ in the referred by section in the About Me section of your profile.  (If you feel so inclined). A little complicated, I know.

60641 Subscription Boxes! Dog Lovers II Cravebox

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I paid for this subscription myself and did not receive compensation of any kind.


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