The new way of event planning Jooners #WIN

I was recently given the opportunity to review Jooners, which is an online signup sheet designed to streamline social event planning.  I received the premium membership and courtesy swag for free but all of the thoughts and opinions in this review are 100% my own.

I have planned a lot of events and play dates in the past years.  It is sometimes hard to organize who brings what and what is needed.  There has been websites and places to help with planning but nothing really had the lists and sign up sheets done just right.  I recently found Jooners.  You can create a signup sheet without logging in, sign up for a free account, log in to your account, or sign up for a premium membership for extra features (costs money).

secret+santa The new way of event planning Jooners #WIN

After you log in, you simply click the big button that says Create a Sign Up Sheet.  On the first page, you choose whether you want to plan an event or just gather data.  You must put in an event name and the organizers name.  It’s optional to put a description, location, and contact number.  If you are a premium member, you have the chance to put a photo for the event.  It is very easy and straightforward at this point.

Sign+up+list The new way of event planning Jooners #WIN

You click continue to go to the next page.  This page you will choose whether it is a one day event, multiple day event, or if you need to plan for shifts.  You enter the date(s) and time(s) for the event.  There is a list that you fill out with what is needed, how many volunteers you need, their names (if you already know who is going to do it), and notes (if any are needed).  You can later delete a row if you need to, add a row anywhere, or duplicate a row.  It all seemed straightforward to me so far.  It created space for me to brainstorm on what was needed and how many volunteers show be needed for each thing.  If you have a premium account, you can choose to check off boxes such as being notified when volunteers sign up, allow volunteers to change their commitments, and/or make the list private.  You can click preview to see the sheet before you publish it.

share The new way of event planning Jooners #WIN

When you are done and happy with your sign up sheet, you publish it.  Once the sheet is published, you can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, or sharing your direct link.  Now you wait and see who signs up for what.

The process was really easy and painless.  I love that I can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, and direct link.  I get frustrated with some services that don’t have the share capability on many networks.  Other great features are there is some example pages from other members that you can copy and make it your own.  It can be a little less overwhelming starting out that way.  There wasn’t as many examples as I would have liked but I am hoping more will be added as time goes on.  For a free membership, you can make up to 5 sign up sheets.  The premium membership is a bit pricey but you can make unlimited sign up sheets and have the capabilities, I mentioned above.  My favorite option as a premium member is the ability to be notified when volunteers sign up.  I love to know these things and to be kept in the loop when people are interacting with the sign up sheet.  Otherwise, I would be checking it every few minutes to see if anyone has signed up yet.

All in all, it is a great user friendly interface.  It’s a colorful, bright website that is cheerful.  I love cheerful websites.  I think this website will make event planning less of a hassle.  Paper is going out these days and electronic is in.  It’s brilliant to have a website just for sign up sheets.

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 The new way of event planning Jooners #WIN
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