Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box

Dazzley Box is a monthly subscription box for women and includes 5 or more items, which could be beauty, food or innovative products.  They always include at least one piece of jewelry.  It costs $19.99/month and a subscription will bring that price down.  I did just find out that they are upping their prices starting January 1st.  It will go up to $24.99/month.

Apparently there were two boxes this month.  One for current members and one for new subscribers.  I was a new subscriber.  For what I can tell, the new subscriber box is a collection of past products.  Which, I thought was great since some of these products were the reason I decided to try it out in the first place.  (Also, I didn’t like the current member box as much).  Here is what my box included:

  • Adagio Teas (Citrus Green, Peppermint, Earl Grey – 2 of each) – $2.40
  • ChicoBag – $5.99
  • Peace Cord Bracelet – $10.00
  • Scarf – $6
  • Gift Tags – 20 for $4.99
  • Hair Ties – $7.20
  • Brown and Black Bracelets – $5

Total: $41.58

WP 000121 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
First look

WP 000124 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
The Goods

WP 000125 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
I feel like tea comes in every sub box.  I’ll never have to buy tea again.

WP 000127 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
Close up of the bracelets

WP 000128 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
Gift Tags

WP 000130 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
The ChicoBag unfolded from its pouch

WP 000131%25281%2529 Subscription Boxes! December Dazzley Box
The scarf

I was pretty impressed with Dazzley Box!  They are a new subscription service and I would love to see them succeed.  All of the products were very high quality.  The scarf was especially neat.  It was very flowy and light.  I also loved the ChicoBag – these type of reusable bags are so nice to have in the car, or in my purse.  I love them.  Also, I liked the bracelets, especially the leather braided ones.  The other items (the tea, hair ties and gift tags) are all items I use on a regular basis so they will all used.  I would love to continue with Dazzley Box.  I’m a little sad they are increasing their prices though, so I have to decide it I want to bit the bullet and get a monthly subscription or not.  Overall, I was very happy with my box!

 photo 1book1life_zpsf57e5c74.jpg

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