Target Toy Book- Lots of coupons

The Target Toys Book has arrived!  It is officially time to get into the holiday spirit.  The day we received the toy book, the kids were entertained for hours looking through the book over and over again.  I am not exaggerating.  It was free entertainment and helped me a lot with the planning of their gifts.  This year is really the first year that my kids are getting old enough to actually tell me what they want.  My 4 year old says he wants about everything but my 3 year old is a lot more thoughtful and methodical about what he tells me he wants.

My 3 year old son wants the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle and a Hot Wheels Wall Tracks.  My 4 year old son wants a Thomas the Train set with bridges, Nerf gun, Hexbugs, and a few other things.  I named the favorites.  My 1 year old daughter will be getting the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace.  There are a lot of fun toys in the Target Toys Book.

My favorite thing about the Target Toys Book is all the coupons!  Man, I will be using a bunch of them.  These all expire on 11/21/12.  I will be using almost all of them because my kids want something from a lot of these brands.  Once question I am curious about is whether the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace, also falls under the Disney item coupon.  Besides the specific toy coupons below, there is a $5 off toy purchase of $50 or more good from 10/30/12-11/21/12 and ANOTHER one good from 11/27/12- 12/24/12.

  • $5 off $29 or higher LEGO item (Excludes LEGO Friends items)
  • $5 off $19 or higher NERF item
  • $5 off $19 or higher LeapFrog item (Excludes LeapPad & Leapster GS Explorer hardware)
  • $5 off $19 or higher Hot Wheels toy
  • $5 off $19 or higher Fisher-Price ride-on or toy
  • $5 off $19 or higher Disney bike, scooter, or toy
  • $3 off $12 or higher Play-Doh item
  • $5 off $19 or higher Playskool item
  • $5 off $19 or higher Barbie toy
  • $5 off $19 or higher Star Wars toy
  • $5 off $19 or higher FurReal Friends (Excludes Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony)
  • $10 off $29 or higher Razor Scooter

 What are your kids asking for Christmas?

 Target Toy Book  Lots of coupons
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  1. Melissa Campeau says

    I remember as a kid loving these toys books! We got the one for Sears and Toys R Us and they have great ideas and deals… unfortunately, we do not have Target around here but they might be coming to Canada very soon! :)

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