Craft It Friday- Sun Catcher Butterfly

 Craft It Friday  Sun Catcher Butterfly
 Craft It Friday  Sun Catcher Butterfly

I thought this was adorable, and I LOVE butterflies.  My sons admire them and like watching butterflies.  This was probably a bit above my 4 year old’s ability but I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

Materials you need:

  • Black paper
  • Tissue Paper in whatever colors you want to use
  • Glue or tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes

What we did:

  1. First, I did a bit of preparing for my sons.  They are too young to be able to draw a butterfly and cut it out so I did it for them.  I drew a butterfly on the black piece of construction paper.  I folded the black paper in half, drew the shape of the butterfly like I wanted it, and cut out the shape while it was still folded.  This way when you open it, it’s an even butterfly shape.  I cut out 4 butterfly shapes.   
  2. With the butterfly shape still folded, I traced out the inside of the wings and carefully cut out ‘windows’.  Make sure to leave at least a half an inch on all sides.  This is where the tissue paper is going to go.  After this is done, you can open up the butterfly shape.  It will look like an outline of a butterfly. 
  3. I then cut out pieces of tissue paper to fit into the ‘windows’.  You should cut out the tissue paper in pieces bigger than the actual ‘window’ size so you can glue it on to the paper.  I cut out a few different colors so my sons could choose their favorites.
  4. My sons picked their colors and used glue to glue the tissue paper to the butterfly.  Then another piece of the butterfly glues onto the back so that it looks uniform.
  5. We glued googly eyes on to the butterfly face on one size.

Side note: My sons don’t always have the same idea of things as me.  They didn’t want to take them on the window.  Instead, we poked a small hole in the head and put string through the hole.  We tied it to the ceiling fan pull string.  It flies around with the fan and entertains all the kids.  A thought that occurred to me is that you can probably make a baby mobile out of a few of these butterflies of different sizes.

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