I want to create a team

I am putting my feelers out there to see if anyone would be interested in joining me as a team on I’d Rather Be Changing Diapers.  I’d like to create more than one voice and person on the blog.  I will make a bio page about the writers of the blog.  I’m only looking for 1 additional blogger at the moment.  There will be a few requirements like you must only put up family friendly posts with no bad language or questionable material and must be able to post at least once a week.  Otherwise, you are free to posts reviews/ giveaway/ recipes/ crafts/ you name it.  Also, you may have a blog of your own.  Post a comment if you have interest in this.  If there is an interest, I will make up a short application/questionnaire.  

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  1. Can we have our own blog as well? I would love some exposure and experience guest blogging.


  2. I would love to do this…trying to get more exposure and have lots of great stories to share of our crazy and creative life with five kids!
    Amanda @ http://thelittlelilypad.blogspot.com

  3. I am interested, if my blog fits with your needs. I am writing about a new children’s web series that my family and I are creating together with a puppet (and more to come soon!)

    You can find me here:

  4. I too am interested, it would be great to be part of your team! You can find my blog here: http://forgetfulmomma.com

  5. I’d love to join in! I LOVE your blog! :D Only thing is I’d rather wait until there were more of a group and maybe do bi-weekly posts. I stay pretty busy with my own blog!

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