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I love having learning tools that are fun and unique whether it be CDs, DVDs, games, books, etc.  I like to switch it up and keep it fun and engaging.  Rock ‘N Learn has over 50 titles that covers preschool, math, reading, science, social studies, test preparation, and languages.  They have so many different subjects it is unbelievable.  Rock ‘N Learn started in 1986 with the desire to add educational material to music that was hip and up to date.

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The boys could not wait to watch the DVD when it came in the mail.  My 3 year old sat one side of me while my 2 year old sat on the other side of me with the baby sitting on my lap.  They were all enthralled in the video.  It was engaging and interactive.  The video wasn’t completely what I was expecting it to be; I was expecting it to be more fast pace and with lots of rock music or something like that.  It took me a few minutes to appreciate the video for what it is.  It is very educational.  It is actually more engaging than I thought it would be which is awesome to me.  There are different segments of the video that teach different things like the letter sounds, reading, spelling, sight words, and cute alliteration sentences.  Most of the video was above what my children know or are learning right now but this video is going to be a lot of help and fun for us all.  It kept both of my son’s attention.  It is a video that I can watch with the boys to work with them to interact and answer the questions and say things with the characters in the video.  I am hoping it can help some with my 3 year old’s language delays.  The recommended age is 4-7.

I’d love to check out some of their other DVDs like the Nursery Rhymes, Dance With the Animals, and Sight Words.  There are a lot more subjects that I am interested in when the children get older.  All the science and social studies ones look unique and fun.  I’d love to include them in our homeschooling.

You can find free study material at  Rock ‘N Learn offers them for parents, teachers, and others who want them.  I plan to use laminate the worksheets and use dry erase markers on them so that we can reuse them over and over again.

COUPON CODE: Rock ‘N Learn has offered my readers a coupon code.  Use the code JQ7711 to receive 25% off your entire purchase at (contiguous U.S. residents only).

BUY IT: You can buy the Letters Sounds DVD like I received for $19.99.  They are available on the Rock ‘N Learn website, teacher stores, specialty stores, and Barnes & Noble.   

Disclaimer: I received the Rock ‘N Learn Letters Sounds DVD for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not otherwise compensated for this post.  All the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you.

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